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Aston Lawyer
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Re 17 Bexhill. Lose, Hanworth Middx TW13 5EZ My sister in

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17 Bexhill. Lose, Hanworth Middx TW13 5EZ
My sister in law has just issued a SEV notice on my self as deputy power of attorney for my husband to change his house tenancy from joint to common whilst my husband is in a care home undergoing nursing from having a severe stroke last year.
Can you advise please ?
Debbie Haynes-Morris

Hi Debbie, thanks for your enquiry.

Is this your second marriage or is there any reason why you think your husband does not wish you to inherit your property were your husband to pass on first? Al

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My husband lived with his mum even when we married. He always wanted his mum to outlive her life in the home. His sister tried when we married to change the tennancybfrom joint to common my husband refused to do it then. Now he is having some care in a care home until it is suitable for him to go home his sister has sent a SEV to me as deputy power of attorney for my husband to change the tenancy agreement again. I have written to her complaining about the SEV on my husbands behalf as requested by the courts of protection. I understand from the land registry that she can change the deeds. My concern is if my mother in law dies what gets left for my husband if he gets better will he have a home to go to. Debbie Haynes-Morris
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is my second marriage I live in a council house I did not live with my husband. My concerns are for my husband and the lose of finically gain for a house he brought .

Hi Debbie, thanks for your reply.

Well, I am afraid that as the SEV notice has been served on you, the Deeds can indeed be changed to show that you are Tenants in common and there is nothing you can do to stop or object to this.

However, the property remains in the ownership of you and your husband and his sister in law is not permitted to change the ownership of the property so that your husband no longer owns a share.

A SEV is usually served so that the half share of the property owned by the person serving the Notice can leave their half share of the property to whoever they nominate in their Will. I do not know if your husband has made a Will, and if he has, who he has left his Estate to (I do not know if for example if he has left his Estate to his children, but if he has, it would mean that they will inherit his half share of the property, as opposed to it going to you).

I hope this assists you. Does it?

Kind Regards Al

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you

Thanks. If I have helped, I would be grateful if you could rate my answer, so I can get credited for my time.

Kind Regards Al

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