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I’m renting a room on a years contract but the owner who

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I’m renting a room on a years contract but the owner who also lives in this two bd flat has said she’s not Gona replace her microwave which I use 3x daily to cook my food in, has developed a rust patch and is faulty , it sometimes doesn’t turn. She’s said cos he badly used. It and I do she suggested I buy a new one and take it with me when I leave the flat. My question is can I give her my immediate notice ( usually a months notice to leave, to her that I’m not happy she’s not Gona replace her faulty microwave and because I do not use her complicated Hallogwn oven. She has my deposit too of £750 .

You cannot give in a notice and breach the terms of your tenancy based on a faulty microwave. You will then be liable for breach of contract.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Oh.. but how come she’s not proving me with my main means of cooking? So u think I should just give her my agreed one month notice to leave.?
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thqu for fall offer but if I could just clarification on this last question I’d appreciate it

Yes if you wish to leave then do it in line with the terms of the tenancy so you are not subject to any claims for breach of contract.

Unless it is in the contract itself to provide you with a microwave then unfortunately there isn’t much you can do except buy a new one, or use the alternative method she has suggested. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but her job is just to ensure that she abides by the tenancy agreement. The microwave is not classed as an essential like a shower or bath etc especially if there are other means of cooking food there. Just like a TV wouldn’t be classed as an essential. I am in agreement with you that she is being difficult and should either fix or replace the microwave but legally speaking there is no requirement for her to do so unless it has been stated in a contract. Just do not breach your own contract and open up yourself to a claim based on this. All the best, John.

The call comes up automatically I did not request it so please ignore it and provide a positive rating, thank you in advance. John.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thqu john ����