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We took out a bridge loan to buy our new home as we had

Customer Question

We took out a bridge loan to buy our new home as we had another property with no mortgage. The bridge lender was aware that we were going to mortgage the other property to pay off the loan. The bridge lender also made us pay their legal fees as part of the deal. Their solicitor was very difficult and almost obstructive as we had to buy the house within a month to secure the property. We applied fir a remortgage which was ready to complete on 7th September but we are unable to do this as the banks solicitor did not submit the property to the land registry immediately after completion but took 25 days to do so. As a result we are having to pay the loan whilst we wait for the registration to be completed (it’s been 13 weeks). We want the bridge lender to compensate us fir the extra charges as we were ready to complete on 7th September on the new loan but they are refusing as they are stating that the delay in submitting the refund is down to the backlog at the registry. We not accept this as it was their solicitors tardiness that has caused the delay and all parties were aware that it was a short term loan. Do we have a case to Sue for the additional costs?
Submitted: 10 days ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  Inderdeep replied 10 days ago.

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Expert:  Inderdeep replied 10 days ago.

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Expert:  Inderdeep replied 10 days ago.

The best of course of action is to firstly formally complain to the solicitors who acted and for them to internally investigate. You should prepare a complaint letter and request they respond. They should then provide a detailed response and solution. If they do not, or if you are still unhappy then you need to complain to the legal ombudsman to investigate.

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Thank you but I am able to do this as I did nit instruct them, my contract is with the bank. The bank instructed the solicitor but I had to pay the bill? Also would it be considered unreasonable to take 25 days to submit a document for registration given that the entire conveyancing work was completed with 30 days? I just need to check that my gut feelings are correct before I proceed.
Expert:  Inderdeep replied 9 days ago.

Surely you would have signed a retainer with the solicitor firm? You will still need to write to them as they acted. You can write a complaint letter to the bank also and request they investigate.

In regards ***** ***** there can be delays with submitting applications if the other side have not provided the transfer documentation, but it is unusual for that to take that length of time so by raising a complaint they need to explain why it took so long. The lenders interest and your interest in the property would have been protected. If there were delays with Land registry that is something which cannot be controlled.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thank you. There is no retainer as we had nothing to do with the bank other than paying the bill but I will put in a complaint to the bank - thank you