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What kind of permissions, if any, Would I need to merge two

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Hi. What kind of permissions, if any, Would I need to merge two buildings, that I am leasing or I own, together (knock through from one to the other) please?
Would the two buildings need to be of the same use classification etc?
Could I knock through from a residence to a business next door for instance?
And would it be classed as a singular property with mixed use classification or two seperate properties still etc?
Would I need to apply to make it a singular property or is that optional?Conversely could I divide a building into part residence and part business but keep access between the two?I can't find the rules on access between different classified building or different areas of a mixed classification building.Looking to have a club with direct access from residential accomodation if that is possible. Not a hotel, but more of a lodging house if that makes sense.Can anyone explain how I would do this please; assuming it is possible?
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Where accomodation is provided under a licence agreement, not a tenancy!

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If you are a leaseholder you would firstly need the consent of the landlord for any substantial alterations to the premises. Is the current use of the premises residential and is it in a block and are there other businesses. Its hard for me to advise as a whole, generally you will need to approach the landlord for permission and then the council for permission for any conversion and licensing as they will have their own specific requirements.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Well, presume I bacome the landlord of two adjoining buildings/premises on a street end, one classified as a club and one as a residence; the adjoining wall being at the back of the club.
Could I then knock through from the club to the residence?
Or would that still require permission from the council?And regarding the council, is it a particular type of permission or form I need to submit or request please?

You would need permission for change of use from the local council yes.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
That isn't what I asked.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I am not wanting to change the use of either. Just wanting to put a door in

They are currently two separate buildings, you could not just knock through from a club into a residence without some form of permission from the council given its current use. You asked me if you needed some form of permission or request and i advised you would have to instruct the council. If you are keeping the use the same you wont need to change the use, however given the set up permission would be needed. Please remember we only provide you with general advice and without knowing the exact details and proposals my advice is very general.

Category: Property Law
Satisfied Customers: 252
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