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Category: Property Law
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I have recieved a s8, g13 notice of eviction from my

Customer Question

i have recieved a s8, g13 notice of eviction from my landlord. I am not living in the property for last 2 months. My landlord has the only key. now, the landlord says that the property is damaged and unsuitable for living. This means either, it has been damaged by him as he has the only keys or it was already damaged and i was living in the unsuiatable condition. Now i cant come within 2 weeks to take away my stuff/?
1. what should i do?
2. should i pay rent for this month as i have to vacate within 15 days?
Submitted: 11 days ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 11 days ago.

Hello, my name is***** hope you are well today. I am a qualified Solicitor, and I will be able to help you by providing you with an answer to your question today. I specialise in UK and Irish Law. I am not always online but rest assured if I do not respond immediately I will respond when I return.

Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 11 days ago.

Is there anything else you feel is relevant to your question or anything else you would like to add before we continue?

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 11 days ago.
Have you tried to inform your landlord that you cannot make it within 15 days?
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
i doubt the intent of my landlard because a couple of days back, the landlord send me an email that he wants to do a minor work and would like to sell the property. I replied that its fine with me and he would just need to tell me in advance and I would plan to return
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
now he has send me an email with an eviction notice knowing very well that i am in Alaska for work
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Backgroud:- I am renting this place since February,2020. It is being rented via a letting agency and the renting agency has manged this since.
I live alone there. I travelled to US on 12 June for work and has been in US since then. I received an email a couple of days from my landlord that they would remove a tree from my garden and also that they are planning to sell the house. I replied that its fine with me and I would appreciate if they can let me know in advance(we have a 2 month prio-notice agreement).
Now, I received an email with a eviction notice under section 8(ground 13) and section 21. I am ok with section 21 but has serious issues with section 8.
1. The reasons that they have mentioned are incorrect and very vague. (Like that there was a seepage and I was living in a house where water was continuously dripping.)
2. I don’t want to agree with section 8 but if I evict within 15 days ( let say I plan an emergency travel from USA)- will it mean that I have agreed to their findings as per the notice.
3. Is there a legal process of asking someone from law enforcement to come ans visit the house and check the conditions and send an independent report
4. What will happen if I don’t agree to section 8 send by them
5. I have a fear that the landlord wants to put the whole cost of flooring of the top floor on me(which can amount to 1000s of dollars). Its an old house
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
File attached (73P3Z46)
Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 10 days ago.
Thank you for your reply. Can you please confirm your ideal outcome to the situation and I can guide on that generally?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
i would like to leave the place as the relationship has become really bad. but i dont want to pay any extra amount for unjustified repair/damages as i have taken really good care of the house..
i believe the situation is like the landlord words against my words.. but how will the court decide?
Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 10 days ago.

The court will decide on the basis of the evidence and testimony of both parties.

Is there anything else I can answer for you today?

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
if i evict within 15 days, will i have to pay the rent for the whole month?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
my rent starts from 27th of mnonth.
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
i have to evict by 15th
Expert:  AlisonSolicitor replied 9 days ago.

No you could offer to pay pro rata.

Thank you for your question on JustAnswer. I am always available to help and please do let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you.