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Hi. ref my Sony RDR-HXD1095Overnight, something has changed

Customer Question

Hi. ref my Sony RDR-HXD1095 Overnight, something has changed on my recorder, which had been working ok. Suddenly, pressing the 'Quide' button, instead of the original program quide displaying, i now get EPG electronic program quide displays, with, intially, no program details, tho these soon start to load, until, after a few seconds, the screen clears. Also, when trying to view tv program thro the recorder, the channel number and program title appear, before clearing, but no sound or picture! best wishes Bryan

(system menu and title list work ok

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Recorders and Players
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


From your description, you may have had a power outage overnight, that cleared your TV guide's show say the screen clears, but I don't know if you mean the Guide disappears or the information in the guide disappears but the guide box is still seen on the TV set.


Either way, what I would do is this. Unplug the power cord from the Sony for 10 minutes to make sure the software on the unit has to be completely reloaded.


Plug it in. Ignore the Guide for 24 hours max, as it can take the guide that much time to fully load. However, I have seen within 6 hours they usually get a full download, if the recorder is turned off and not being used. (Not unplugged, but just turned off)


If you need to use it for playback, that may slow it down a little, but for right now, it sounds like the guide info got lost, and it needs 24 hours to fully recover.


Then you look at the guide and see if it's been damaged by a power outage.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I hear on tonight's BBC news that Sony have broadcast a automatic program doqwnload that has corrupted thousands of their recorders of the series that includes my own. I have not accessed mine yet, and propose to sit tight and await outcomes. I presume that Sony will broadcast a fix soon

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.


To be honest, I suspect the damage has already been done since the BBC has the story. You don't have to do what I suggest below, but it may protect the recorder from getting a WORSE UPDATE --


If you want to bypass that update so you can maybe use the DVD disconnect the Aerial plug. Then go into your Sony menu and try to disable Software updates temporarily.


Now, if you have a fairly new TV set that uses what we call HDMI CEC (aka Sony Smartlink) we might be able to link the TVs Guide to the recorder and let it use that....


Anyways, the information is VAGUE, even for me....but it's there.


Older Sony instruction books use to have listings of the menu in pictures...but now it's a vague acknowledgement of its existence. Anyways, the point is we need maybe a week for Sony to fix it, so we do want to temporarily turn off any Software updates, then in a week turn it back on.


As long as you do that, you can watch TV channels without it updating. ONCE YOU TURN IT OFF....then you can PLUG YOUR AERIAL BACK INTO THE UNIT.


And at the BOTTOM of that picture I sent...there seems to be the CAPABILITY of downloading the GUIDE FROM THE TV SET, not using the guide from your recorder ! do need an HDMI cable between the two units that's HDMI 1.3A, and the TV set does have to have HDMI CEC ( Sony Smartlink, Samsung Anynet, Panasonic VieraLink, Sharp AquosLink) .


I think HDMI CEC control (one remote controls ALL devices - you press the recorder's power button, the TV turns itself on and switches to the correct input to watch your recorder, That's HDMI CEC) would have to be turned on in both the TV and the Recorder, then that setting in the picture would need to be verified/activated, THEN you might get the GUIDE without any of the Software Downloads that BBC mentioned.


As long as the unit hasn't already updated, Sony has the ability to disable software updates and rewrite a new one.


If you HAVE been affected....then Sony has to write a NEWER VERSION to override the defective version.


The don't want your recorder locking up and not even responding when you press the power button.

I think you're OK right now. I think you have full access to operations. I think the only thing I'm concerned about is just turning off any Automatic updating temporarily, and setting it to Manual updating for about a week.