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Digital tV recorder I was watching ITV4 last night and pressed"

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Digital tV recorder I was watching ITV4 last night and pressed" record" . The programme did not record and when I looked at the Timer menu it read " not found" . This has happened several times before . what is wrong with it , please?


How long am I likely to wait?

Hi there,

When recordings begin to fail and you get the "Not Found" message, this is unfortunately an indicator that the built-in hard drive is beginning to fail and can no longer reliably store recordings.
To fix this, the hard drive will need to be replaced.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. Is there any reason why it only happens on Instant Recording and not on recordings placed in advance of the time of the programme.?sorry I was a while replying but I had a visitor

There is no reason why it would happen on one type of recording and not another. Chances are the disc will degrade further until it doesn't record at all. You could try reformatting he drive first before replacing it - this will restructure its file structure and may help temporarily.
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