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Rusty, Engineer
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I bought a Panasonic DMR- EX86EB dvd / hard disv recorder to

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replace an earlier dvd only model that packed up. I had been successfully recording off the sky+ box and the built in freeview on both models. I cancelled the Sky when I got a youview box from Talk talk but just cant get ti to work on any of the cable / scart HDMI configurations suggested in the Panansonic guide or the layouts from the Talk talk website. I use talk talk powerline adapters as the wi- fi doesnt work across the house and a 6 way aerial amplifier SCX 6b. The youview box only has one one scart plug unlike the sky box although others have suggested it is possible to record off the freeview box. I accept it probably wont record any sky programmes from the added sky boost but I cant get it to even load up its own freeview guide.
I have presently given up and just connected to another tv in another room which is on another aerial cable. However it is a bit of a pain to have the dvd player away from the main tv Any bright ideas please?
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Hello, my name is Rusty. I can help you.
Connect the Scart out from your new box, to the recorder's Scart IN.
Connect the recorder's Scart OUT to your TV's Scart IN.
Be sure your TV is on the Scart input, and also your DVD recorder. The recorder must be on to watch TV.
Double check those connections, and that your recorder and TV are on the Scart inputs, and tell me if you're able to get picture.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Sorry for the delay had to move the box from the other Tv. I tried scart out to youview box, recorder scart out to TV scart in with the aerial rf to youview box. I then viewed on each of the TV's AV setting it says no signal on DVD1 channel and "programme not tuned" on the sony tv's own tuner channel. Putting an rf cable from rf out on the dvd to the tv makes no difference I am afraid.

It looks like there may be a mistake in the connection. Please verify:
Youview scart out --> Recorder scart in
Recorder scart out --> TV scart in
What is the model number of your TV? I need to take a look at the connections. With this connection, you should be able to turn on the recorder and Youview, set the recorder to scart input, and your TV to scart input, and watch and record programs.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the reply. The Tv is a Sony Bravia KDL 32T 3000. The cable layout you are suggesting is as the manual for connecting the tv and a digital salivate receiver which I previously tried there is no second scart on the youview box so it cant be connected exactly as the diagram . Regards

Here's what you need to understand:
The Youview box has an aerial input, and a scart output. You don't need 2 scart ports.
Aerial to Youview in.
Youview out to recorder in.
Recorder out to TV in.
Notice that everything has an input and an output, except your TV's output is the screen that you watch. They must be connected in this order, input to output:
Youview --> recorder --> TV.
It sounds like you're having trouble with the concept. Please confirm that inputs are connected to outputs, and in the right order. One mistake, and the entire system will not work.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

ok as you say I probably don't fully understand the concept. I cant get the tv recorder/ youview set up to function so I will disconnect and go back to a two tv set up. thanks for trying to help anyway