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Nathan, Technician
Category: Recorders and Players
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Experience:  Custom home theater installer. Authorized dealer/installer.
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When I play a bought DVD I can hear loud radio or similar noise

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When I play a bought DVD I can hear loud radio or similar noise which almost masks the DVD music. How can I stop is? DVD recorder model no. DMR-EZ47VEB.
Nathan :

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’ll get started chatting here.

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Nathan :

Deborah, does this happen on all inputs (cable/satellite/aerial, dvd, game, media/apps, etc)?

Customer: I am watching a bought opera DVD and it is almost drowned out by background noise from a TV channel. I do not know about other inputs as I do not use them.
Nathan :

Hi Deb, sorry I missed you earlier,

Nathan :

do you use only the tv speakers, or any type of external sound system?

Nathan :

Can you tell me HOW the panasonic is hooked up to the tv (coax, scart, red/white/yellow, etc)?

Customer: I use tv speakers and it is hooked up by a regular scart cable
Nathan :

Thank you for the info, and you have nothing else connected?

Nathan :

Aerial, cable box, etc?

Customer: Yes, the aerial is connected as I am not on cable or satellite.
Nathan :

Is it connected to the panasonic, or to the tv directly?

Customer: The aerial is connected to the DVd player and the player is linked to the tv. That's how it has always been, but the interference noise is fairly recent.
Nathan :

Can you please disconnect the aerial from the player temporarily and see if the problme persists?

Customer: I shall do that and imagine that it might work. I had not thought of that. But now I cannot do so, so shall do tomorrow and then rate your advice.
Nathan :

It isn't necessarily a long term solution, though it could be. I'm suspecting that the aerial (or rather the internal tuner) in the panasonic is introducing interference/noise that is bleeding over to dvd mode. If you don't typically record live tv on the vhs, then you can hook the aerial straight up to the tv, and use the tvs own tuner instead (may need to run the auto program / auto scan, first)

Customer: Thank you for this, the aerial was indeed causing the noise and now it is out the DVD is in clear sound. I do record frequently from live TV, so will just remove the aerial when. I need to - am not sure how to tune the tvs tuner....
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