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Category: Recorders and Players
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DMR-EX78EB - The dvd disc player does not recognize a disc

Customer Question

DMR-EX78EB - The dvd disc player does not recognize a disc when placed in the player draw. This fault started when I tried to record a disc from the hard drive. the disc would not record and since then the player will not play pre recorded discs. I used a head cleaner but still no change

I note that when pressing the function menu that "disc" does not appear on the drop down list

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Recorders and Players
Expert:  Wes replied 3 years ago.
Wes :

Before we begin, I would like to make sure you understand that Just Answer is not affiliated with any service provider or manufacturer and we do not have control over their systems. Our ability to fix issues like this are therefore very limited and I ask that you take that into consideration before leaving a negative rating. Also keep in mind that some product-related problems are not "fixable" and the appropriate answer may include directing you to an authorized service center product. If you reached our site by mistake, or if I am not able to help you, you can request a refund at or by e-mailing***@******.***

If you've done the appropriate cleaning, tried other discs (older and newer discs), I'm afraid this sounds lime a faulty laser unit, which is not an uncommon occurrence on this model, so doing a reset is not likely to fix the problem. It will have to be serviced.