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I am not sure if you can help in any way with a projector

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Hi I am not sure if you can help in any way with a projector problem i am having I bought this projector off Ebay UK item number 131452858421 i got it yesterday but when i connect my SKY+ HD BOX to it using HDMI connection the picture seems blurred and text unreadable but if i play a still photograph on it using SD CARD it seems quite good. I have contacted the seller i bought it from but they don't seem to understand what i am trying to say. Hope you can help Thank You

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.

It sounds like your TV set is good since it gives a great picture of the photograph...but it sounds like the SKY+ box may be sending a low definition picture to your TV set since it's blurry and the text is too.

Tweaking the lens is ok, but it's unlikely the issue. The SD card's results seem to prove that. do we set your Sky box's video output from 480/

540 low def signal to 1080i high def signal? It would have to be in the Sky box's menu, and it's important to know if you are watching a LOW DEF TV SHOW on a HIGH DEF TV CHANNEL or if you're watching a LOW DEF TV STATION.

Look at the Sky box's TV Guide. It should show HD on the TV channel and HD on the TV show. Then you know it's all HD.

And if it's blurry, then you know the Sky box is sending a Low def signal to the TV set, and it needs changed in the menu. The resolution setting is usually found in the video submenu under Video output or resolution setting.

I don't know the Sky box's model number so I can't give you specifics...just generics found on all boxes.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so you want me to change my skybox to 1080i from what is set on now

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so you want me to change my skybox to 1080i from what is set on now forgot to say i am watching a HD channel

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Just checked and yes my box is set to 1080i already and yes i am watching a HD channel

Is the picture improved in any way? The only other thing not changed is the TV's electrical focus, and that would have showed up with the SD picture. Your picture pretty much proved to me that the TV set is optimized, and the problem would be with the skybox.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

when i plug the skybox in to standalone hd TV the picture is great quality I get it. You bought a PROJECTOR, not a projection TV set. You must be on the outer edge of its distance limitations if you can't focus the lettering on that. A regular picture won't show any focus issues, but text will well before you see a regular picture get blurry. I've always focused all TVs by looking at text.

Next issue is the 1024x768 resolution. 1920 x 1080i is 1080. You are closer to 720P with that projector and that's the SIGNAL, not the NATIVE resolution. Native resolution is the LCD panel that makes the picture. Wysiwyg.

Native Resolution: is

320 x 240

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi what can i do to try and get a better picture

Well, this projector was actually built to be used with a computer since the native resolution is 320 x 240. Your better choice is to move the projector closer to the screen until the text is sharp. If you really want 1080 to look good from a Skybox, you really need to get a projector that was designed with a native resolution of 1080, or at least 720.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Did you read the listing on ebay it says it's good for movies
The problem I see is that the unit has 320 x 240 Native resolution. Low Def TV sets have 640 x 480. Sure it'll play movies up to 1080 x 1920 but the picture will never be more than 320 x 240 maximum. The picture you get from the projector is half as wide, and half as tall as the older signals you saw on TVs from the 1970s,. then you project that image onto a screen or wall and the text will be fuzzy looking. If you really want high Def, your native resolution should ideally be 1080 (vertical) x 1920 (horizontal) pixels. I'd be ok with that resolution if it was a cell phone, but on a projector, no.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I can't get it to focus even with a tv pluged in do I am sending it bsck ton were I bought it. Can you evolving ehst I need to look for to be a better projector then this one thank you

That's the best thing to do. You need to google " native resolution 1080 projector " when purchasing it. 1024 x 768 is slightly smaller but will handle 720 and 1080 signals adequately, but will shrink the 1080 signal to make it fit on the screen. Native resolution is the true size of your display device, not the signal size. Keep that in mind when you shop.

The reason your 320 x 400 projector can't project text clearly is because 2 pixels of text is shrunk down to 1 pixel at low def, and its worse when you try to do hi def text. Roughly, a 3 x 3 grid of pixels has to scale down to a 1 x 1 grid of pixels on your projector right now, and that's a lot of signal you're jamming onto the native resolution of that display.