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Have panasonic dmr-bs850 blu ray HHD recorder worked fine for

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have panasonic dmr-bs850 blu ray HHD recorder worked fine for last 2 years, now every time I try record from direct source or program guide it starts recording, then stops with a screen message 'the operation has stopped' it then switches off resets and once back on starts recoding again for a few minutes and then the same happens. I have cleared the recorded programs and all series recordings and even formatted the hard drive and reset to default settings, the fault still happens, any ideas??
Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority.
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.
Do you have any issues with recording direct to dvd?
Have you updated the firmware at all?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

as far as I know dvd / blu ray recorder seems to be working fine. didn't know the firmware could be updated as the recorder is not connected to internet.

the problem recording to HDD only started last week and suspected a damaged or corrupted HDD, that's why I formatted the drive.

when a timer or series record is set all works fine until the actual recording which starts then about 3-5 minutes in stops and the screen message states ' the operation has stopped' the unit switches off, then back on with another message that the unit will power off and to press the power back on. it then sets up again and any recordings programed start again but the whole thing happens in a loop until I delete all recordings and awaiting programmed recordings. the recorded programs list show the program in red with a cross at the side of it, presumably indicating the recording has failed.

is this a HDD fault or a system fault? if the HDD can a new one be replaced? or how do I carry out a firmware update?


This sounds like a bad drive, but it could be a faulty control board as well. Typically with a control board/processing fault though it would fail to save series/timer settings, bring up the guide, etc.You can try another quick reset by holding power button down for 10+ seconds, and format the drive at least once more (sometimes a highly fragmented drive will not format properly). The drive can be replaced, but new drives can be temperamental and aren't always recognized properly. I'ts usually more practical in the long run to replace the entire machine.You can download the update via your computer, then copy the file via usb/disc to the unit:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for the info I thought this may be the case but I will try the rest first.

as a quick fix is it possible to attach an external drive i.e. wd my passport 1tb HDD to the unit via USB and divert all recordings from the normal program guide to this bypassing the units HDD? effectively operating in the same way but recording onto the external drive??


I believe you can copy items from the main drive for external backup, but I don't think it will let you record direct to external, though it doesn't hurt to try.
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