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Sijad H.
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My I pod classic 160 GB has reverted to no albums no music,

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my I pod classic 160 GB has reverted to no albums no music, even though I know it is not full how do I restore it ? James
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you.

When did this first start occuring?

Do you have iTunes and a means of connecting your ipod to the computer?

Do you have the music backed up somewhere else?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes thankfully all my albums are backed up on my computer.the problem occurred suddenly today and despite all my efforts at turning on off pressing various "menu and centre dot etc .I am still left blank.would love some help as to how to get back all the albums which are on my "classic.



Unfortunately it may not be possible to recover the albums on your ipod. Since they are backed up to your computer we can restore the ipod and then reload the albums onto the ipod.

This thing that happen to your ipod is not uncommon but it has happened before. Mainly because it wasn't ejected from the computer properly. Never the list here are the instructions to restore your ipod.

  • 1. Make sure you've reinstalled the latest version of iTunes.
  • 2. Open iTunes, and then connect your iPod to your computer.
  • 3. After a few moments, it will appear in the source list in iTunes. If the iPod's display doesn't show "Connected" or "Do not disconnect" you may need to put the iPod into disk mode to proceed.
  • 4. Select your iPod in the source list and you will see information about it appear in the Summary tab of the main iTunes windows.
  • 5. Click the Restore button. You will be prompted with one or more restore options that may prompt iTunes to automatically download of the latest iPod Software. The 4 possible restore options are:
    • Restore Option 1: Restore - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod.
    • Restore Option 2: Use Same Version - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod even though a newer version is available.
    • Restore Option 3: Use Newest Version - Restores with the latest iPod Software on your computer.
    • Restore Option 4: Restore and Update - Restores with the latest iPod Software on your computer.
    6. A progress bar will appear on the computer screen indicating that the first stage of the restore process has started. When this stage is completed, iTunes will instruct you to leave iPod connected to your computer to complete restore.
  • 7. During the stage 2 of the restore process, the iPod will show an Apple logo as well as a progress bar at the bottom of the display. It is critical that the iPod remains connected to the computer or iPod Power adapter during this stage. Note: The progress bar may be difficult to see since the backlight on the iPod display may be off.
  • 8. After stage 2 of the restore process is complete and the iPod is connected to the computer, the iTunes Setup Assistant window will appear asking you to name your iPod and choose your syncing preferences similar to when you connected your iPod for the first time.

Once the restore is complete, reload your backed up albums onto the ipod. When it is complete, ensure your properly eject the ipod from the computer so as to not have this happen in the future. The ejecting issue may not be the only reasons however it is the most common reason.

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