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I am getting an HDD ERR message on my HDD/DVD recorder - model

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I am getting an HDD ERR message on my HDD/DVD recorder - model DMR-EX98. Unit will not turn on/respond. Two further messages have also appeared - DRV ING ST FAIL and FM LIST DL ERR. Can I do anything to recover the HDD without losing all my recordings/taking the unit for repair? Not sure if this is a TV or video question... Thanks
Hi!I believe this would be possible with some upfront investment, which you may or may not want to put into the device. The best hard drive recovery program on the market is made by Steve Gibson (the guy who found the first computer spyware) and its called Spinrite. I've heard of countless users who have used spinrite on a DVR drive and it had repaired all errors on the hard drive sectors. It's most likely to work, but the license is around 80 bucks last time I checked. Of course, you have it for life for any other hard drive related issues you face in the future. CLICK HERE to look and see if you think the investment is worth the investment. Know that there is no guarantee, as the disk could be physically damaged. However, unless its been banged around this is unlikely.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. So if I bought this program how would it be applied to the DVD recorder? I'm guessing I would download it to my computer but how do I then transfer/get it to work on the unit itself, as the unit itself has no internet connectivity. The FAQs on the Spinrite website have no mention of HDD - do I need to physically connect the unit to my PC and if so how do I do this and what would I need to do with the program? Sorry if this seems a daft question but I don't have a huge amount of technical knowledge. Thanks.
This would prove difficult then, as you would have to remove the hard drive from the recorder and connect to a computer. If you have a desktop you can connect the drive on the inside of the computer, if you have a laptop you'd have to get a cheap 15 dollar usb adapter to connect the drive to the computer, then run Spinrite. You'd have to take the unit apart, which may also be intimidating. This isn't the exact model, but it would be similar to this: CLICK HERETo use the unit again, you'll need to replace the drive regardless. It's either pop the drive out and put another in, or try to fix the one you have with Spinrite.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks - all sounds very tricky. The unit does have a USB port, is there no way of connecting and running Spinrite without having to open up the unit and physically removing the drive? I don't have the technical know how to attempt this and it would invalidate the insurance I have for it, which I can at least use to have the unit repaired even if it means losing the recordings on the hard drive.
No, the hard drive has to be mounted, (like on your computer you have a C drive, D, etc) there is no way to mount the drive through a usb port. Its good that you have the insurance, although that won't help get your recordings off...there's just no way to accomplish that without removing the drive.
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