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Panasonic TX-L37S10B Television.Switch power on with TV on

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Panasonic TX-L37S10B Television.
Switch power on with TV on off switch.
Powers up OK
Sound OK
No Picture, not even menu.
About 5 seconds later TV goes into standby mode
Red led flashes once every 4-5 seconds
When you say no menu do you mean the sets own menu using the sets own remote control?its this check that I need to know please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks you for your reply.
Yes, that is correct. There is no display what so ever - Black Screen.
I thought it may have been a LT voltage missing but looking at the manual it seems that a flashing red led interval of 4 seconds indicates a problem with the LCD or A panel. I was wondering if you may have encountered this before, or if this may be a common fault.
Thanks again.
Lewis Jones
Can you see any visible light at all on the display?if not if you hold a torch at a 45 degree angle against the display can you see any lit picture where the torch light hits the screen?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi AnthonyNo I'm afraid there is nothing showing on the screen what so ever. Even when shining a torch at 45 deg.
It appears the back-light is not getting going hence the set will then shut down after a time -out, this set uses ccfl backlighting so will be controlled by an invertor its this board that is the most suspect are you looking to carry out work yourself with the set?if so you will need a meter (volt/ohm) you will need to take a photo of the inside of the set and upload it here, ultimately it may mean replacement of a board
Let me know please
Please consider at this point rating what information I have provided so far positively, there will be a rating band with this post of stars, rating positive is the only way I get credited by the site for the help thank you.Please note the question NEVER closes and remains open always so bookmark the page
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi again, yes I was considering repairing it myself and have the necessary meter etc.
I attach an image of the circuitry boards within the TV. It probably will need a board replacing.
Actually I thought the set was ccfl backlight its actually LED so the procedure is different it simply means replacing the powerboard, the powerboard is to the left in that photo has the two bulky black transformers attached get the partnumber from the board itself usually begins BN and try first if they do not have it google the part-number Let me know if you need more help board will be around £50_£80 Please remember to rate positively thank you Anthony
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