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Rusty, Engineer
Category: Recorders and Players
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My DMR-EX769EB approx 6 years old will no longer format DVD+R

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My DMR-EX769EB approx 6 years old will no longer format DVD+R although everything else works perfectly. Is this recorder worth repairing or should I get a replacement; and if so what? I use it to download video from my Sky Box
Try this please>With power off (stand-by mode), Press and hold [skip reverse] [Time Slip] [Eject] buttons on the units front for about 10 sec. Unit will go into Self Check Mode and then Display 'L1 TEST'. Now power off. Clock should be flashing 12:00. Turn power on and intial setup menu will be displayed on TV. For the DMRE press both [dub] buttons and [eject].
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My unit does not have the buttons you mention on the front panel for reset Have you referred to the manual for the right machine? - I have channel select (up down); start recording; stop; and play/x1.3 buttons on concealed panel and open/close tray on top right front of panel. Because of the gradual failure to format I suspect that the laser is becoming weak; or there is a failure to read/write to the formatting ring at the centre of the DVD+R discs; I have tried cleaning the lens but to no effect. Please reconsider.
okay try this please>On the main unitPress and hold [ CH] and [CH  ] for about 5 seconds
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Simultaneously pressing channel select up & down for 5 secs put machine into DVB Auto Setup & refreshed DVB channels - How does this help my problem?
It is the only reset available. It resets all of the settings except the clock and password.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My original question was about the particular failure of disc formatting which has gone from occasional to continual. Is this a symptom of laser failure and if so why do formatted discs record perfectly and there is no other trouble with recording or playback of DVD+R discs. I do not understand what is happening but I doubt if it is a software problem. Why should the laser have particular difficulty writing to the inner format information ring? Lasers can be replaced easily; complete circuitry is more difficult
I am sorry about this,unfortunately this sounds like it might be a hardware issue. The reset is to rule out the possibility of a firmware issue by resetting the firmware, there is an hardware issue on the device that software troubleshooting can't resolve. Most likely a failure with the laser.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I agree that the laser seems the likely suspect as I had thought all along. However, I don't understand why the laser should fail on formatting the inner ring and yet be fine for writing all the rest of the discs once formatted; so the purpose of my original question was to try to establish if the hardware problem is likely to be the laser; or part of the tracking mechanism -which is more likely to be fatal to the obsolete system- I wanted to understand the likely failure mechanism before deciding whether to submit the unit for repair. I thought that an expert would be able to explain this to me or offer an alternative explanation. I also thought when I visited your website that I was asking Panasonic directly as I had not noticed I had been redirected to another site (yours) until I had asked the question. I decided to go ahead anyway because it was worth £20 to me to have an explanation of my particular problem from someone who completely understands the process of writing/reading & formatting; which I don't. If you can offer me an explanation that explains my particular formatting problem it is worth the £20 and a good star rating. Otherwise I shall have to give a poor rating as even now you are just agreeing with my original analysis without giving me reasons for the failure that might enable me to avoid a costly repair and go straight for a new machine.
I will open this to the other experts.
Hello, my name is Rusty. I'm not just agreeing with you, the laser eye gets weak over time, and that's what you're experiencing. It's not the inner ring of the disc that it has trouble reading, it has more of a hard time at the outer part of the disc, due to the speed of the disc passing under the laser at the end of the recording. Therefore, it could be the tracking IC, but that would be likely to fail everywhere on the disc, not just the inner ring. However since the data is written from the center out, it's the outer ring that is having trouble. The inner ring has visible numbers, like serial numbers on the disc. Record a shorter video, and finalize it. If it has an easier time, it's a weak laser eye. If it still has the same problem, then it's going to be a detrimental IC.
Rusty, Engineer
Satisfied Customers: 6059
Experience: Karaoke Systems Manager, signal specialist, all recorders and players expert
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