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I have a problem with "hollow" sound when playing back sound

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I have a problem with "hollow" sound when playing back sound from a Sky HD box through my Samsung HT-C6930 3D Blu Ray Home Theatre box. DVD's are fine. It was fine until I tried testing and resetting the speakers distances etc after buying a new projector. I have had the problem previously but not for a long time and it usually cleared when I toggled through the input sources from HDMI 1 through HDMI 2, DVD, Aux and back to HDMI 1. Can you help ?
Hi Robin,Try muting the TV's sound if the TV is also outputting sound, then let me know if the hollowness goes away when you are listening to sound from the theatre system only?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Pete. I will try this but it is not connected to a TV. It is connected to an Optoma Projector which does have speakers. I will make sure they are muted. I will report back later. Many thanks.
Ok, let me know how you get on...Pete.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Pete. I tried that but it made no difference as did a whole series of checks that I had repeated. Then in desperation I worked through the buttons on the remote for HT unit and found one called SFE mode. Having toggled this button a few times I discovered the sound was changing and then it toggled back to normal. Problem solved I believe. I have looked it up in the manual and it provides hall effects amongst others. I have had this problem before and am now delighted to have worked out what causes it!!!! Many thanks. Robin
Ok, glad to hear it worked for you!Best,Pete.
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