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Recently bought a Panasonic dvd recorder DMR-EZ27. Recorded

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Recently bought a Panasonic dvd recorder DMR-EZ27. Recorded from the TV (NOT THE HARD DRIVE) onto a disk a long program so was happy to utilise the 6 hr EP setting which was already set. Now however I want to record using shorter recording modes ( ie SP LP recording modes.) Unfortunately the appropriate button on the remote will not activate and the machine itself does not appear to have a button to press, neither does the manual or the on screen menus help me to change the recoding mode. Any ideas? (The remote batteries, like the machine itself, are new but I have changed them just in case, to no effect). By the way, the record button on the remote doesn't work either but the machine itself also has a record button so I can get over that. Other buttons on the remote seem at first glance to work.


To change the settings, ensure the unit is stopped first, and then press SETUP.

Select the "Disc" option, then go down to the recording time and change it there.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
HiThanks for getting back to me.
Sorry but I've already tried that before contacting you. Needless to say the setting is stuck on EP mode, gives no alternatives and will not allow me to scroll in any direction to try to alter it.
Just to reiterate, I've changed the batteries on the remote to see if i could activate the Rec Mode button on it, but to no avail. I don't know if this is relevant, but the red Record button on the remote also doesn't work, although the matching button on the machine itself does. Any ideas?

Ok, that is odd; all I can suggest is a factory reset of the DMR unit.

While the machine is powered on hold down both the CH up and CH down (on the main unit) for at least 20 seconds.

Let me know if that resolves the EP issue?


As for the remote, the Record button may be worn out, or the contacts under it may need cleaning. You can try to carefully disassemble the remote and clean underneath the button by wiping it, ideally with alcohol or electronic contact cleaner, to see if that helps get it working again.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry for the delayed response. Overwhelmed with other things and couldn't get straight back to it.
Have tried your suggestion with regard to Ch up and Ch down simultaneously. Took your advice and held them both for a full minute. Sorry to report it still didn't work.
With regard to your suggestion about cleaning the remote, it's brand new. Call me naive but I don't expect to find anything wrong with it and wouldn't know where to begin in trying to clean the innards and frankly would be scared to try!
Any other suggestions would be very welcome, although I do realise how much trouble you've already gone to.

If the factory reset will not work then there is likely a hardware fault.

Since the recorder is new and still under warranty it should be returned.

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