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I purchased a Blu-Ray/DVD Recorder Panasonic DMR - BWT 850

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Dear Sir/Madam,I purchased a Blu-Ray/DVD Recorder Panasonic DMR - BWT 850 about 12 months ago and I have been recording and playing programs happily ever since. However, about a week ago, when trying to transfer some recorded programs (from TV) to my brand new USB HDD to which I have already transferred some earlier recordings, the unit suddenly displayed the dreaded U61 message, tried to repair itself and then, after switching the unit back on, and trying again and again, it did the same thing. I cannot transfer recordings to USB HDD anymore. I can watch the titles and I can continue recording but it will not allow me to transfer recordings any longer. What seems to be the problem, please? I have never had problems with Panasonic before and I like the ease of use and the compatibility to my previous Panasonic products but this is nto very good. Help, please!
Hauke Richter, London, UK



I am sorry you are having trouble here,did you get the unit new?

What did you try to get the unit going again to save me going over old ground?


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi Anthony, I got the unit new from Currys, thus a very respective and large high street electronics chain. The unit functions fine bar the transfer option, and I would not know where to begin looking at repairing the fault.regards ***** ***** you, Hauke

I understand exactly how old is the unit, I am in the UK myself by the way

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
The unit is about 12 months old... It is quite new but I have been recording and transferring (to another USB HDD) things quite a lot and been playing a fair amount as well...
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It ought not happen at such a young age, though. I would expect at least a three year use.

This U61 is a serious issue but only for the user for the repair its quite straightforward re-flowing of the micros which you can't do yourself it can only be done in a workshop environment,U61 and even the other codes are in the main comms issues because of badly soldered chips, you should treat this as though the unit is under warranty if its upto 12 months you are good if its over they still may do this under warranty, there is nothing you can do about this every other method is a band aid, the underlying cause is bad connections on the micros

Ring panasonic via the website

If you need more help let me know

A positive rating of 3 to 5 stars is welcome,the site will then pay me thank you,rating bar of stars is top of the page thanks again


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Okay, thank you. I will take it back to the shop and see what they can do. Would it be possible to transfer the recorded programs with a laptop? I mean, onto a laptop?

Not whilst you have U61 sorry

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