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I would be grateful for any help. I have no technical

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I would be grateful for any help. I have no technical knowledge.
I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder with Freeview HDD model DMR--EZ49VEB.
I purchased this item via Amazon on April 22, 2016.
Until the last couple of weeks it has worked very well.
In that time,however, it has been going off--i.e. I get a "no signal" sign on the TV screen--at irregular intervals and verying periods of time. Current;ly it is off.
I share a communal aerial with 14 other flats and nobody else has had any trouble, so I don't think it is the aearial. my local TV repair man has no real idea, partly because it had started to work again just befoire he came.
I have tried panasonic customer service. They advised me to reset the machine to factory settings and reboot it. I did this, but to no avail.
The aerial connection in my flast seems secure. (Panasonic customer service suggested that my machine was second hand, but this is not the case as can be verified from Amazon.)
If what I say makes any sense to you I would be glad of advice.It seems little soon to have to buy a new machine, especially as new dvd recorders do not appear much on the market. It ould be surprising if my problem were unique.
yours sincerely


This problem can occur if your own signal is weak.

The cable you are using may be damaged or have twists or tight bends in it.

The socket that the cable connects to may be loose.

You will need to check the condition of the cable and all connections.

You can also check the signal strength on the Panasonic box; if it is confirmed as a low signal then you can add a signal booster.

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