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know this sounds like a really cheesy cliché question that

Customer Question

know this sounds like a really cheesy cliché question that hundreds of women have asked many times but I'm more confused by my potential personal trainer. After going in to speak to one three days ago and asking about what the sessions involve/prices etc. I was expecting the big sales patter as they normally do. However, this guy seemed genuinely helpful and suggested I keep a food diary for the next two days then see him for a 'taster' PT session. I did feel an attraction to him and he just seemed like a nice guy but no reason to think he felt the same way. He sent me a few texts when I was at home just saying to 'be honest' with my food diary etc. although I wasn't expecting any contact until we met again.

Anyway, today I went for the taster session as asked, with my food diary, expecting again to be straight into a sales patter after doing an exhausting quick workout. Instead, he took me into the quiet client room, went through what I'd written, and before you know it, an hour and a half had gone by. All the time, other members of staff came in and went, one even said are you finishing soon (and my PT guy said 'I'll be out in a sec') but went on for another half an hour. He then said go away and see how you get on over the weekend and think about your food choices, we ran out of time and didn't even do the session and come and see me on Monday. It was weird, because we spoke for so long and he didn't talk about money or try the hard sell so not sure why he spent so much time with me. I did feel there was something between us but again, he was so professional although smiled a few times and kind of looked at me a bit starry eyed the odd time. So what I'm asking is, was he just being an extra attentive salesman trying to butter me up (even though I made it clear I wanted sessions) or was he spending more time than what would be considered normal in the gym talking to a client? I still have not parted with any money! In other words, was he interested?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  TherapistMaryAnn replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.


It certainly sounds like he was more intetested in you than selling you something. If the other staff members were coming and going and making inquiries about him being done soon, then what he was doing was not typical behavior for him. And in that way, he was probably interested in you.


His interest also seems to be personal because most sales men would stop the attention once they know you are interested in buying whatever they are selling. Since he did not stop and did not ask you for money, his interest seems personal.


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