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hey there 6 weeks ago i split up with my boyfriend, the

Customer Question

hey there

6 weeks ago i split up with my boyfriend, the reason being that we wasnt getting on for a while, this was manly due to my condifence issues, before christmas we had a long talk and decided to go down to the doctors to advise me to talk to someone and get my confidence back.

Thigs were starting to get better and all i asked of my boyfriend was to be there and to not bring up past arguments.

We went out on a date and he made what he thought was a funny comment about an argument we had and it really upest me, he then said that he didnt want to be with me anymore over text message ( after being together a year)

We were both planning a future together and were very much inlove.

I left him allow because he couldnt wait for me to change i went out all the time not that long after and i posted pictures of me up on facebook with my friends, took the pictures of me and him off there because they were to hard to look at, he would contct me saying ' 1 week after we split up you have your condience back why couldnt of been eailer we would of still been together' 'nice to see you to pictures down of me'

We met up a few weeks later and he said that he doesnt want to be with me now because he cant but one day maybe we can in the future, but if i was to go on date with someone else he couldnt go back to me and him

He been confusing me ever since and ive got alot going on with my life at the moment, ive contacted him a few times and not really left him alone in that 6 weeks appart, and he said now that he has had enough because i keep contacting him as im worried he is going to move on and meet other girl and forget me

The last time we spoke was yesterday because i had been hearing that he was liking someone new, from a source that is really unrelable but it upset me and i contacted him he then rang me on the way to work and was saying he cant belive i would think that etc and now he saying please dont contact me im beggin you to leave me alone,

All i want is to have him back and to get back to how we was because i know that we can make it work and be as happy as we once was

If i leave him alone now from today do you think theres a chance something may happen
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  TherapistMaryAnn replied 3 years ago.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like your boyfriend does care a lot about you. He showed that when he got upset once you took the photos of the two of you down off Facebook. And he continues to stay in contact with you which is also a good sign. He could just stop contact all together, which might indicate he does not want to be together anymore.

One of the best ways to work to get your relationship back is to contact your boyfriend through mail. Write him a letter saying that although there was a lot of misunderstanding between you both but that you still have feelings for him and want things to work out. Then back off. The reason you do this through a letter is because it is hard to just delete a letter. Plus it is much more personal than a text or email. And it lets the other person know you care.

Give your letter some time to sink in for him. Don't contact him although it is tempting. You want to let him decide the next move. That will tell you a lot about how he feels.

You can also stay in contact with any mutual friends and any family of his that you are close to. By doing that, you can get more solid information on him that is much more accurate. Plus he may be reminded of the good times between you, helping him to consider trying your relationship again.

I hope this has helped you,

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