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Dr. Paige, Psychologist
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He said that he needs some space for a week or two to sort

Customer Question

He said that he needs some space for a week or two to sort his head out.

He said that this is nothing to do with me and that its him personally and he doesn't know whats going on in his head

He said he doesnt want to hurt me

He kissed me when he came and spoke to me about all of this and assured me it was only for a short period of time until he sorts himself out

He kept his key to my house to "prove" that he will be back

He hasn't contacted me - but i text him to say i was thinking of him and that i hoped he was well. I also mentioned that i had received a payment reminded about our holiday.

He replied and said he was thinking of me too and that he hoped i was okay. He also said "you should just give them a phone love:)" and then said he would text me later after i told him to have a nice weekend.

Later that day i text him again to let him know i had spoken to the travel agents and that we had to go during the week together to cancel it in person.

We are meeting up on friday - (a week after the break) to cancel our holiday (which was my choice before all of this happened due to financial reasons)

Does this mean that when we meet up we will begin to get our relationship back on track?

He said hes not changing his relationship status and that he sees me and him being together he just needs a break at the moment - so am i single or in a relationship?

I am so majorly confused right now and i have a daughter from a previous relationship who adores him. She is young and wont understand so that is a bonus. But i feel like it has all been a mis understanding due to me being a bit too paranoid or controlling

What are my chances of getting things back to normal with him?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 3 years ago.
Hi Jemma. I think everything is probably as he has stated and nothing more. Answering your direct questions, if you are going to "re-start" the relationship, that's impossible to say for certain, as he has put everything on his own table as far as a time line. Hopefully, he will not drag his feet, keep in contact with you and let you know what is going on. Asking for a break in relationships can be scary, but it doesn't necessarily mean the end of anything. A lot of times, especially with men, they have a hard time expressing emotions or any personal issues they are having and this is an option of being able to deal with those problems. If you had a good relationship prior to this, your chances are pretty good with getting things back to normal. When you do resume your relationship, perhaps visiting the reasons which caused the temporary separation would be a good thing to go over with each other in order to identify any potential problems in the future. You are still in a relationship if that is what you both agreed on. If you are still wanting to be with him and he with you, then you are still in that relationship. If he had stated that he wanted a break and then he disappeared for awhile, then I would say otherwise.
Be patient, be calm about it and go with what you have for right now. Be open and honest with each other and anything you want to know, you need to ask him. Communication is important in any relationship, especially in circumstances such as this.