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My girlfriend recently broke up with me. She said she loves

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My girlfriend recently broke up with me. She said she loves me and is mad about me but she just cant give me the time anymore,she's in final year of college,and that I deserve someone better.She said that I wouldnt be able to understand how she's feeling. She also said that she's loved me from the first time we started going out. We've been going out for 15months, I love this girl to bits I didnt tell her how I felt until we broke up, I haven't spoken to her since we broke up that was two weeks ago. What should I do?

therapist325 : Hello- break ups can be definitely hard especially when there are active caring feelings still present. It sounds like she feels overwhelmed with her responsibilities and is looking for some space. With what you have said she seems to still care for you but also has made the decision that even with her feelings she needs a break. I think you have done a good thing of giving some time before texting her to check in. Her response of "we will be fine" is an indicator that she is looking to move on. I would give her space and if she realizes she made a mistake she will reach out to you. In the meantime take this time to heal. You obviously really care for her and the best thing to do for yourself is to appreciate the relationship you had but also begin to grieve it so you can move forward. Take care of yourself by doing things that make you feel good, reconnect with old friends or hang out with people you enjoy. It will take time to work through the pain and hurt of the break up. Without giving her the space she seems to want will push her further away. Focus on you for now. I know how this can be painful but with time things will get easier. Hope this helps. Please let me know if I can help further!

So should I not call her just to see how she is or just wait? And is there ever a chance we will get back together?

therapist325 :

You could call her to check in and see how she is but if you do call her be casual about it. Don't fight for anything. Just keep it as a check in to see how she is doing and then let her guide where the conversation goes after that. Keep it brief if she doesn't give you much to work with. You don't want to push something that she may not want. As far as if there is ever a chance that you will get back together I think there is possibility for anything. Sometimes when we break something off and after a little time, we tend to realize how good things were. She may get to that point. On the flip side, she may not ever want it back. I think both are possibilities. What it seems right now is that she just needs some space to figure things out with you, her schedule and life. With time she may want it back and may not. Either way, it's most important that you take care of yourself through it all. It will show her your strength and it will help you through this process. I know it's a tough situation for you and I'm sure you are hurting. Best thing to do is use this opportunity to get back in touch with you again. She will come back if it's meant to be, but don't wait on the sidelines of life for that to happen. Does that make sense?

Customer: It does bit it's just hard to understand that she has broken up with me even though she say she loves me and is mad about me...and I regret not telling her how I felt about her before we broke up,because when she was breaking up with me she said that I never told her how I felt.
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Hi jacustomer-4ztwf0gq,

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

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