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I want to get a divorce with husband and he wont let me. Hes

Customer Question

I want to get a divorce with husband and he wont let me. Hes always hoping that if we move, buy a car or sonething our relationship will get better but thats not it. I dont love him, like his family. We have two small children and our strained relationship is affecting them also. I want out, he doesn't. Its been a year and Everyday we argue, i want to divorce him and go back to my country, he wont listen . What do i do?? I dont like us being miserable together. He wont listen to me.. This is so frustrating!!!
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 3 years ago.
Hello. I'm not certain what the laws are like where you are, but you should be able to file for divorce regardless of your husbands' thoughts on it. I don't know your living situation but can you leave and move to another location? There are other options for you. If you want to leave, you can find a way to leave. The kids are a huge concern, as they of course are the priority. Getting them into a better living situation, whatever that may be, if they are witnessing fights and discontent, should be the priority. Whatever is best for the kids should be #1. You definitely have options. Talk to a lawyer. Find legal counsel in your area. You should not be stuck in a marriage.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I cant afford a legal counsel because i am a full time mum, i depend on my husband for everything. I just need him to support our kids till i can find a job all over again.I also have psychological problems and unfortunately my husband is my trigger no matter what he says, what he does. Its like walking on egg shells around me. Hes miserable, stressed so am i and my 3 yr old daughter is starting to pick up words, emotions, actions from us which is worrying.. Whenever we're apart we are loving, respectful, caring but as soon as we are in a house or car, we argue over small matters and his family everday. I think were better off in seperate ways but how?!!

Asian mum based in UK here.
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 3 years ago.
It depends on your situation. I know you said you need to find a job and whatnot. You need to make a choice. If you need to be with him, then be with him and do whatever it takes to not have those arguements. Even if it means not talking at all. You need to decide what your goal is and then stick to the method to get there. If it is not possible for you to be completely seperated right now, then you have no choice but to learn to live together. Maybe totally avoiding each other, moving into a different room of the house, etc.. You need to figure out your priorities and adjust your ways based on those priorities.
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 3 years ago.
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