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TherapistMaryAnn, Counselor
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so I work away from home, & base myself in LONDON my so call

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so I work away from home, & base myself in LONDON my so call wife never wants to bring our daughter over here! to see my family it's always me going home there to play happy famliys! and when I say yous need to be over here so my parents can see yous she just always puts it off or it starts an argument, my daughter will not even come with me if I going get her as my wife has trained my little girl from the day she was born I never get a say. regards Thomas
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
It sounds like your wife may be having an issue either with having her daughter so far away from home (with or without her) or she may have an issue directly with you.
The key here is finding out what the problem is with your wife not wanting your daughter to visit with you in London. Start off by asking your wife what is holding her back from bringing your daughter to see you. See what she says. If she is unwilling to talk about it, or starts another argument, then suggest therapy. Since you are based in another place away from your wife, therapy can be more difficult than usual. But it will help that when you can see your family that you go with your wife during that time to talk to someone. Your marriage, and your family, are both worth the effort. But if your wife will talk to you about why she is acting this way, then try to find a solution with her. She might be fearful of sending your daughter to stay with you or she could have another reason. Finding out what is wrong and how you can compromise can really go a long way to fixing the situation.
And you may also want to talk to a therapist on your own. It is very difficult to cope with a spouse who works against you rather that with you, especially when you have a child together. And your daughter is getting caught in the middle of the situation. Learning from her mother that she is not allowed to see her father can be damaging and potentially harmful to her relationship with you. So therapy can help you find ways to cope and work with the situation as it is to make it work better for you.
I hope this has helped you,
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