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I understand what your saying but my wife is in other world

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I understand what your saying but my wife is in other world cos it's all about her mum and dad as my mum and dad do not even get a look in! when I am home there it's actually okay it's just that matter of my family see my daughter! thank you
It sounds like your wife may prefer her mother and father over you. That is not helpful in a marriage because it is supposed to be the two of you first, not her mother and father.
If possible, try talking to her about her preference for her parents over you. She really should be putting your marriage first and be focused on the two of you, not on her parents.
The other thing to talk to her about is why she feels the need to put her parents first, before you and your marriage. There is some reason why she feels the need to do this, whether it is unmet needs she has or something going on with her personally.
And see if she will try therapy. There is some reason why she is acting as she is and it may be that a therapist needs to work with her to uncover it.
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