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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Psychotherapist
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But what if she moves on and forgets me in that time? do I

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But what if she moves on and forgets me in that time? do I not contact her as she doesn't contact me? She said she will still be there for me and still keep in touch with my sister/ family as they think a lot of each other it's only been a week she popped up my sisters yesterday as it was her birthday, and didn't really ask about me said she didn't want to talk about it. I am commited this time,but messed up many chances but she has never left me like this. Worried she will meet someone else she only put she was single on social media yesterday. I haven't drunk for a week and haven't smoked even for a week, if she sees a change in 2 months time she said she still wouldn't give me a chance but do you think I could ask her out for a coffee or something in a while? I did ask her today for next weekend she said no. She said too much has happened and she'll always resent me for it and always have the fear of me drinking again. I hope to be friends and do things as friends sometime and show her have a good time etc and perhaps move from there but she said it wouldn't work as I'd always want more. It's breaking my heart she knows this but said she had no choice after all she's been through with me shed always be thinking about it if we had another go. She also said she wants to concentrate on her career, and needs time to find herself again asked her today would there ever be a chance even if she saw a change in me she said no, too much has happened and like I said always resent me. : (((
Hi Nathan. These are good questions and I will be happy to address them. Could you please give a positive rating to the previous question first so that we can close that up and I can be credited for it? We can then continue discussing the situation.

Dr. Mark

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