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I'm in really struggling in life when it comes to work.

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I'm in really struggling in life when it comes to work. I love going out and socialising with my friends who I love dearly but when it comes to work and the important stuff I struggle at it, I didn't succeed at college which means I'll never be able to reach my dreams and aspirations. I work dads business which is construction and I hate it, Id love to get a new job and try something new to freshen up my life. Because I work family business it restricts what I do in work, I can get away with having days off so the job doesn't seem serious to me. My dad paid to be put on a 1 day week course in September at college to do with construction and recently ive been missing days which my dad doesn't know about, and I miss the days because I hate it. So the important side of my life im really struggling with. So my question is what do I do?
, I'd like to help you with your question.
It sounds like you have not been able to have time to explore what you enjoy doing since you have your father's business to work at. It may be the expectation that you have to work there (you didn't say but it sounds that way), but being pulled into someone else's path in life can be difficult to break away from, since it involves more than just changing jobs. It can become very complicated if your family expects you to stay and do what they want you to do. So breaking away becomes very difficult and you feel stuck in the situation.
You have a couple of different choices about finding a new career. One, take some time to explore what interests you. Talk to an employment counselor or even a therapist to look into what types of jobs or careers fit your personality. Finding out what you want is important since that will direct your career path.
Two, you can look into working at jobs in industries that interest you. , if you felt you wanted to work as a manager in a restaurant, you can get a part time job (just a few hours since you already work full time) and see what it is like as a host, waiter or bartending. Just a taste of what a career might be like may be enough to encourage you to pursue it.
Three, talking to others who work in different careers than you. That way, you can get the good and bad of the type of work you are considering. People can sometimes be negative or too positive about a job, but you can always explore it more to find out if what they say is true to the job or just their opinion after a good or bad experience.
Consider that you are very unhappy in what you do now and that it sounds like it is something you would not have done if your family was not already involved in the work. So giving yourself permission to look at other careers that fit you is important. Construction may be what fits father or other members of your family, but it does not fit everyone. And you deserve a chance to enjoy what you do in life. You want to be happy going to work, not looking chance to avoid it. But if changing jobs involves a lot of family upheaval, seek out the help of a therapist and your friends . Getting others on your side is vital to making a difficult change so you can be happy.
I hope this has helped you,
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