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DrJackiePhD, Doctor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have been doing research in relational/interpersonal communication since 1998. My Ph.D. is in interpersonal communication.
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I have really liked a man year and after a year

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I have really liked a man for a year and after a year of messaging and teasing, on Friday night we eventually had a lovely evening together kissing until 4am. He is 59 and I am 37, but I think we have a real chemistry.
Even when we got home to our respective houses we carried on texting til 6.45am!! I sent him a text yesterday lunchtime and he sent me one back and then in the evening he sent me one to tell me what he'd been doing during the afternoon.
At 6pm tonight I sent him a text just saying "Missing your tender kisses" and I am totally anxious now as I have not heard back from him. He usually pretty much replies straight away. You know how much these things are - you can't help but worry. One text back would reassure me. By the way, I know I am being unreasonable!!
First, it sounds like you have the laid the foundation for something really special, or at least, there is the potential there. The fact that you have been messaging for a year, so that shows that you have been building something. And I know it surely sounds wonderful that you had followed up with texting after being out together and then the next day.
I think you probably are right--you are not thinking as rationally and clearly as usual because you really like him and now you are worried that something suddenly has interrupted what has been progressing for a year.
Is it possible something silly occurred like he left his phone in his vehicle or his phone charger died or his phone itself died or he misplaced it? Some of us with kids know how easily these things can happen and feel like we have to explain to our single friends why we can't always text back. :-) So before your mind thinks of all the "bad" possibilities, do you think the above could have occurred?
It may not hurt to just send another text just asking if he received the previous one. Surely if he DOES have his phone he will answer a yes/no text. And if you do not receive an answer, it probably will indicate he just does not have his phone in working order.
Please let me know if you get resolution soon or if you want to talk. :-)
--Dr. Jackie
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