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Have a bit of a weird .situation. Am good friends with a

Customer Question

Hi Have a bit of a weird .situation. Am good friends with a girl I used to go to school with and she usd to be my PA. I am friendly with her parents to the point that I am going on a "boys" holiday with her father next month and am welcome to show up for
sunday lunch without my friend in tow. I have always got on well with her younger sister who is in a relationship. To be honest never even contemplated being attracted to her till recently but although I am straight am almost like "one of the girls" to her
sister and her croud of friends. Although I am male we seem to have no problem sleeping in the same bed platonicly and having jumped into there pool so often after being quite drunk and peeling off its not an issue that we will happily change in front of one
another. All 100% platonic. Now recently the sister who is 11 years younger has come to work from me and was at my house recently. I know she is unhappy at home and she half jokingly asked if she could move in. When I replied if I had an extra bedroom I would
gladly let her, she seemed a bit surprised looked at my bed any quiried that if I shared a bed with her sister what was wrong with her and why not, but almost in a jokey way. She has also asked me other things that could be construed as sexual such as describing
her breasts as her "best asset" and really digging the fact she has a new confidont. I am beginning to fall for this girl but am unsure if it is a question of a lot going on in her life (which there is) and being relieved to have an "older brother" or if she
is interested. Finally as I tend to be a hypochondriac to a point and have low energy she talks about her health with me and moans she is in the middle of period ect. I recently suggested she goes for a B12 shot to see if that improves her energy levels which
are low and she asked where to go, I gave her my doctors name but he wanted about £120.00 for a consultation which is beyond her means. She asked me how often I went to him for them and I replied I give them to myself in my stomach, she asked me to do one
for her but she is underweight and I am not trained so I declined, I could tell it played on her mind no doubt for the most innocent od reasons and about two hours later she asked me why I would not give her a jab, I said she had no fat I was not trained and
the only place to really give one was her bottom and I did not wish to cause embarrassment to either party. She mearly called me an idiot jokingly. told me to get one for her turned around with her back towards me dropped her trousers and pulled down her knickers
ot expose her bottom, now I suspect this was totally non sexual and just trusting but as I am starting to feel attracted just wanted another persons view
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Jen Helant replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I would like to help. Please let me know if you would like my general view or of you have a specific queston. Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Your general opinion of the situation would be great to start