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I have spilt up with my girlfriend weeks. I walked

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I have spilt up with my girlfriend for six weeks. I walked out on her at a very difficult time. We were arguing due to me not able to commit and I never loved her enough. One week ago I looked at a picture and realised I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I love that girl with all my heart. She seen me on a dating site 2days after we broke up she was heartbroken. I now realise she is the one I want I will commit to her I want to marry her. I can't live without her I am willing to give her everything to make us happy. I sent her flowers and a poem 3 days ago she thanked me. I transferred money into her account to make up for the money she lost on a city break last month. I am so sorry for what I have put her through and I want to make it upto her. I have been messaging her explaining my deepest apology for everything I done to her. She says she was hurt for 5 weeks but getting better. I have hit her with this out the blue. She says she needs space but still has feelings for me. Can you help ?
It sounds to me you are on the right track. You have earnestly apologized and sought her forgiveness. She sounds as if she is making genuine steps toward forgiving you. Your greatest challenge is to strike the right balance between pursuing her and not pushing her to hard. You have made a mistake and must make it clear to her you realize the gravity of that mistake and that you understand you do not deserve her. To me I see these options:1) One, you continue pursuing her as is. I fear if you do though, you rusk pushing her away.2) You totally back off. You tell her you realize your mistake and the fact you do not deserve her. Tell her you are placing your love at her mercy. You are leaving the next step to her. Tell her when and if she is ready you will be waiting.3) request that she allow you a trial period to prove your loyalty and change of heart. Ask her to give you a 6 week trial period. During that six week period if you don't prove yourself to her, she can end it.Does that all make sense to you? Mostly, don't push her. You made a mistake. It is her choice to forgive. If you push, you most likely do more harm than good.I hope that is a help. Let me know if you have further questions. I really do want to be a help to you.
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