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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach
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5 months ago I met this girl that I really liked. Only met

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5 months ago I met this girl that I really liked. Only met her 3 times but we would talk every evening and I developed feelings. she just wanted to be friends, which I agreed to. We would give each other loads of complements and talk about all our problems. few days ago we went to a restaurant. we had a decent evening, the conversation wasn't as good as our previous two encounters. The next evening I texted her how "I missed her already" and started saying "I wished I had a girlfriend". she didn't respond. so next day I said sorry for moaning. She said "it's okay, we get on, but we don't have much in common" I thought we did, I then started sending her texts asking if she had fallen out with me. turns out she was pissed off with me for forgetting some things about her but she said it was "ok". At this point I sent her messages like "why do you hate me all of a sudden" she gets pissed off with me and tells me to leave her alone, I did , until one hour later where I text her back saying "I thought we were good friends, and was upset that you think "I don't listen" then I get blocked from whatsapp. I then send a load of messages "sorry and I don't want to fall out with you" thought she would cool off. Until I see she blocked my number and on a load of sites. so I send her a message on facebook saying she is cold, after all the things I have done for her, and she says "I'm a freak and that she wants nothing to do with me" is she right? What do you think happend? I messaged her ex on facebook as well and called her everything from a pig to a dog, so it's unmendable now. She never once said anything negative before, I thought I could talk about anything.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
On the monday we were laughing and chatting. she just changed so fast. was it something to do with what happend at the restaurant do you think?
It sounds like you got a bit intense for her and that maybe your feelings were more than just friendship and hers weren't. She may have enjoyed the friendship with you until she felt it crossed over into territory that she wasn't interested in. If you are trying to reach out to her in every way possible, she may again felt it was too much and now saying these things about her. The best thing you can do now is pull back, respect her wishes and try and understand for yourself why it got so intense for you and how maybe you pushed it a bit too much too quickly. I don't hear that things will work with her, so it is best to move on from this and try to focus on you and feeling better about all of this.
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