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Me and my girlfriend have been together a little longer then

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Me and my girlfriend have been together a little longer then 2 years and everything has always been good! We have only argued a couple of times and have never had a big fight or a serious problem. But just last week out of know where she tells me she needs a break and she isn't ready to settle down yet. I respected her wish and give her two weeks to think about things. After two weeks she said she still feels the same and although she loves me and doesn't want to lose me she wants to be single and stand on her own feet and focus on her career which may involve some travel abroad. I personally think she is making a mistake.. I have told her I won't get in the way of anything she wants to do and I will always support her but she still wants to do it alone. We are both in our early 20s and she hopes one day we can get back together and be together for ever! I just don't know if we will both move on and both end up losing something that was really good :/
Hi Ben,It sounds to me like you've done everything you can, more than most would.Settling down and starting a career, are both big moves, so you can't blame her for trying the career route firstIf it works out, then no doubt she will look at the option of settling down in the futurePersonally? I would keep in touch and see how it goes, you're still very young and have ample time to see how things go.I know it's easier said then done, but you sound like a great man and she is lucky to have you in her life.I really hope she realizes that and doesn't make the mistake of losing you.
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