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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
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My girlfriend recently broke up with me. She says that

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Hi. My girlfriend recently broke up with me. She says that I'm not spending enough time in the relationship. She said that I wasn't putting in the effort telling me that I should be an escapism from her college and that and that I never looked after her. Everything was fine a week ago so I dunno if it's exams that's bringing this on or Wat. The thing is. I am. I moved to were she was to work. I look after her child wenever she's out or that. I based my life around hers. She says that Im controlling even doe she does her own thing anyways. Shes very stressed out lately because of exams and that. I no she loves me and respects me because only last week she was telling me that I'm the best thing that's happened to her and that she wouldn't bein able ta go thru life with out me. I love her ta bits. I want to make this work. I've accepted that I was to blame even doe I dunno if I was. She has me blocked from Facebook and that.
I hear your love and care for her and I hear that she may be under some stress as well. Men and women are different in how they feel they are giving in a relationship. You are giving as I can see by all the things you mentioned, but I am wondering if she needs more in the way of the emotional stuff...the kisses, the snuggles, the checking in with honey how are you..let's do something just you and me...take a walk, an afternoon adventure...something that is different than the normal routine. You are doing so many wonderful things so keep doing all that but maybe think of the emotional side of things.I think she needs a cool off period and I am not sure the break up is forever. Maybe give her a few days on her own and then reach out with some comforting words reminding her of how you love her and want to learn better what she needs and has been missing for her in the relationship. This way she can hear that you are open to listening and wanting to have a deeper connection. You sound loving and caring, so reach out in a few days and let her know that and no need to remind of her of the "things" you have done for her, just ask her what she needs and desires.
Let me know your thoughts.
I am here to support you if you need anything further. If not and you are all good for now, please take a moment to click on the rating tab to rate my support so that I may be credited for my time. Thanks so much. Jen
I haven't heard back from you so I am assuming you are satisfied with my answer and support. Please if you will offer a rating I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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