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I recently asked a guy drink. We've been friends couple of

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I recently asked a guy for a drink. We've been friends for a couple of years but not close, not seeing each other often, just running into each other at gigs or parties every few months. We recently matched on a couple of dating apps. Then we had a really fun evening with a few of us at the pub until closing time. The next day I sent him a message asking him out. It's been 48 hours and he hasn't replied and it's pretty clear he's ignoring me. I'm so angry that he couldn't even take a minute out of his day even to reject me. I wouldn't have asked if I was afraid of rejection. i asked because I didn't want any more uncertainty. But I feel like getting cross with him will only make things worse. I don't want to get cross with him for not wanting to go out with me - that's allowed! of course it is! I want to get cross with him for being so rude as to not even acknowledge me. I know I'm going to have to see him again whenever the next gig or party is. How should I deal with him?
I'm sorry you have been done this way. There is always a chance he missed your text somehow. There are a multitude of reasons he might not have responded. I think if you say anything about it, you risk doing more harm than anything.That doesn't mean you give up though. Give it a little whil and try again. Do t mention anything about this invite. Maybe next time ask him out in person. That way, he's force to respond.Does that make sense?
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