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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
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I met a guy on a flight from NY to London. We exchanged

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Hi there!
I met a guy on a flight from NY to London.
We exchanged contact details and we have been talking and chatting for the last two months. He had a business meeting in London about two weeks ago. We had a friendly dinner and a long walk on the first date. On the second date we kissed. Then he flew back to US.
Now i wonder how people can manage long distance relationships? Would he see someone else there - in NY ? Should i ask him?

Sounds lovely so far. Yes, long-distance relationships can be tough to manage but it is doable. As you develop closeness then you can discuss what it means for both of you in terms of being exclusive. Trips to be together can be planned and more and more time spent if that is the desire for both of you. I think at the start, in these early months, it might not be realistic to ask for exclusivity, but if things keep progressing then those conversations will naturally occur. It is possible that you both see other people until such time you move this to another level. Will you get to see each other with any regularity? If things moved forward would one of you be able to move across? Not necessarily questions for him at this point, just some more stuff for you to think of.

Let me know your thoughts.


I am here to talk more.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Very many thanks for your great advice. I guess i am overwhelmed with the situation as a whole. This is going to be the first time evet , i will have lived a long distance relationship and i feel a bit unsecure - may i say...
So is it possible to see / talk or chat the same counsellor - being you - each time i log on? Because i believe i might need assistance - during this relationship - as this one is a bit different than the previous relationships i've had so far :)))

It is natural to feel insecure...that means you really care for him and yes there is risk, but that risk exists in any new relationship. but I think you both are caring for one another and seeing if things can grow.

You can always request me when you need me...when you start a new question like you did today...write FOR THERAPIST JEN ONLY at the start of your question and it will come to me.