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Im seeing a wealthy much older man, he takes me out to

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im seeing a wealthy much older man, he takes me out to dinners etc which we both enjoy, sex is good but he doesn't really include me in his personal life beyond that.
He gets on very well with all my family yet I haven't met his family. We have been seeing each other on and off for nearly four years, I have ended the relationship from time to time as keep feeling as though there is no future long term, not wanting to sound greedy or spoilt but I would like to be taken care of, Ive raised four children, had two bad marriages and would like a loving husband. My partner does love me I think, he never divorced his wife although when we ended the relationship a couple of years ago he said he'd asked her for a divorce but when we got back together he said he wouldn't be divorcing her as he didn't want to part with the money.
He has a very busy life ( he's nearly 70) still running his business and enjoying his hobbies and for his 70th he has booked to go on a walking trip to New Zealand, he will be away from early December until late January, he said I can fly out and join him towards the end of the trip if I want to, I cant work out if he is genuinely interested in me. I'm feeling like I should end the relaionship and move on , Im 55 but haven't had much experience dating men as I have akways been busy with family commitments.
Please give me some giudance as want to sort myself out
Thank you
Hello! I am so sorry you are in this predicament. It sounds like he does care for you, but his love for you compartmentalized. He enjoys the security and predictability of having a wife and family at home and the excitement and risk of a relationship with you as well. He has already proven he has no intention of leaving or divorcing his wife. He will enjoy both worlds as long as you allow him. You are still young enough to start a new life with someone who wishes to share their life with you. Your life and opportunity are slipping past though as he toys with your emotions. I suggest you part with him and look for that person who will truly care for you.
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