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DrJackiePhD, Doctor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have been doing research in relational/interpersonal communication since 1998. My Ph.D. is in interpersonal communication.
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Im text about pregnancy im pregnant now but have alredy

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hi im text about pregnancy im pregnant now but have alredy three kid one its only 7months and i dont know what to do my family gonna star argument i dont have money for that and i want the baby but im scared

Hi Natalija,

I'm Dr. Jackie, a mental health therapist, professor, and relationship expert. I am so sorry to read what you are going through. Perhaps you can provide some more information so that I can help you better. I don't see a specific question except you do not know what to do. I'm not sure if you are asking for advice about abortion;adoption;keeping the baby--all kind of options? Or advice on how to tell your family? So if you can be specific about what you are asking, I can give a better, more informed answer.

It sounds like you have your hands full with 3 children already. I am hoping you are getting some type of assistance or help so that you can be a good mom to these children. Plus, you need to take care of yourself. If you want to keep the baby, then you should be able to contact your county agency on family--Children and Youth. Many people do not want CYS or CPS involved, with good reason. So if you do not want them involved and want their assistance, Planned Parenthood or other non-profit organizations in your area should be able to provide information on WIC and other services that can help you while pregnant and caring for your other young children.

I know you are scared. Again, you do not mention if your family has been supportive to you through the other 3 pregnancies. If they have been supportive before, yes, they might initially be upset but because they are worried about one person caring for 4 young children. You don't mention if the father(s) is/are around. If they are, this is even better. If not, do you have friends, other family members who can help? The more support you have, the better you and your kid will be. But that is why I suggested some of the other agencies--they are there to help you so that you can focus on what is the most important--your beautiful family!

Let me know if this helps, please. I can send you the information from JA if you want to chat on the phone or Skype if that will help more.


Dr. Jackie

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
thanks my phone***********

Can you please rate me? I want to make sure I'm truly helping. Then I can go ahead and send you the JA for for phone/Skype information. Thank you so much!

--Dr. Jackie

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
i dont have money for that

It honestly does not cost anything to hit the FEEDBACK/RATE button on your end.

I'm sorry I misunderstood. I thought you had sent your phone number because you were interested in a phone chat. I'll be happy to continue chatting with you after you have rated me and accepted my answer. :)

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
u can help to choice

Thank you so much! I'll be happy to keep chatting. I am not exactly sure though what you mean by choice/choose. I can provide evidenced based answers but can you please ask specifically what you would like answered. Are you asking me to help you choose whether or not to tell your family at this time?

Thank you again!

Dr. Jackie

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
i mean keep the baby or no becouse my family say if the baby born so them dont help or somthing

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I cannot tell you or even advise you of what to do. This has to come from your heart. What would your options be if you do not keep it? Would you abort? Would you put it up for adoption? There are trained counselors at Planned Parenthood who can give you options. There are trained counselors at some Christian organizations--they will not recommend abortion because of their pro-life beliefs. But they can give you options regarding keeping the baby and providing resources or giving it up for adoption. At least now there are open vs. closed adoptions, and they can give you all the details and descriptions so that at least your decision is informed.

These organizations I mentioned above are all free regardless of insurance or lack of health insurance. So you can use Google and find one or two close to you and make an appointment. I am not sure -- you might even be able to walk in to these places but you might have a long wait, which might not be the best thing with a & month old and maybe other young kids in tow.

But definitely seek out all options so that you have all the information possible.

Also--did your family threaten to not help you before? If so, it sounds like they have been in your life anyway. So maybe they are just frustrated but will help even if you decide to keep this baby. Sometimes families say things they don't mean when they are frustrated or disappointed. You know them better than anyone else.

But please reach out to all these organizations as well as your local WIC office if you have not already. All these agencies can point you to free resources so that you have money to take care of the children you already have and possibly a new baby if that is what you decide.

--Dr. Jackie

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
i want my money back i go to court