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Is my daughter entitled to anything if the relationship

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Is my daughter entitled to anything if the relationship ends? She has been living with her boyfriend for over three years, he brought a house for them, but the deeds are in his name ?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
She also gave up her job to run the household.


I'm Dr. Jackie, a mental health therapist, professor, and relationship expert. It sounds like things are not good for your daughter, and I'm so sorry to hear that!

I'm not allowed to give legal advice. However, I CAN cite the law. And legally, your daughter has no claim to anything unfortunately. Since they are not married and since the deeds are in his name, nope. The only thing she can do is possibly fight eviction if he told her to leave today. She could argue that this is her home and that she actually lives there. But he could file an eviction notice and after 30 days or so, it could be enforced. But no, unfortunately it does not matter that she gave up her job, her old house, etc.

It does not sound right, I know. But unfortunately this is how it is legally if a couple is not married

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