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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 5643
Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach
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Me again, I was wondering what to do next. I’ve taken your

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Hi Jen me again, I was wondering what to do next. I’ve taken your advice and not put any pressure on my wife which is working. As you can imagine I’m really keen to move things on. This morning I went to pick the children up as she hasn’t been well the past few days due to still withdrawing and we were having a laugh and a joke and a bit of flirting and it was just like it used to be and I left and I couldn’t have been happier, we text everyday and her replies are instant so she’s not giving me any signs that she doesn’t want to be with me. I was just wondering if she’s waiting for me to make a move or do I carry on as things are and hope they blossom some more

Hi and welcome back. So glad to hear from you and happy to hear things are moving in a positive direction. I think she is able to feel free, happy and flirty because there is no pressure so I worry if you put that discussion out there, she will put up a wall again. If you can, I would leave things as they are and enjoy the connection but not have any big discussion about what you want.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Luckily enough in the 3 months we’ve been living apart I’ve never asked where this is going, I’ve taken a step back and looked at the whole situation. There’s isn’t a problem with us it’s her parents and the drugs that have been the issue. I take heart from the way things are now compared to 3 months ago when she first started withdrawing and that whenever she needs anything or is Ill I’m the first person she gets hold of that must mean something surely?

Trust and comfort....and again you are doing great so we stay with the plan and let her ease with you remain and we go from there.

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Ok, is there usually a time frame on this type of thing?

The time frame is unique to each situation...meaning there is none and the reconnecting either happens or it doesn't because someone doesn't share that desire or someone steps out because the future feels uncertain and can't hang in any longer.

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
I was afraid you’d say that �� on the positive side she’s giving me no inkling that it won’t work out, I’d like to think that after 3 months and being where we are right now that she would have said something by now

You are doing already know what I am going to say...that is how much work you have done! Keep it up and I am always here to support.

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Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Thanks Jen I’ll keep plugging ��

Perfect plan!