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Mike, Renault Technician
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I have a 1995 Laguna RN 1.8 petrol. Starting problem when cold

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I have a 1995 Laguna RN 1.8 petrol. Starting problem when cold and sometimes when warm. When she is running the engine feels like it wants to stop. Have replaced the TDC sensor at the suggestion of the RAC man who tried to help the other day when I called them out. Left the car with a local garage to run a scan on the management system to see if they could find a fault. The garage could not find a fault. Cant afford to take it to a renault garage. Any help would be appreciated.

I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.

I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you.

Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Shantel,


I am happy to wait for an answer.


Thank you.


Robin Hunter

Hello Robin,

We will continue to look for a Professional to assist you.

Thank you for your patience,

Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

My name is MIKE.. Im happy to help you with this...

Before we progress - please tell me exactly what has been done - what parts replaced etc in all,over time, in a bid to cure this... anything you may not have mentioned as above -

Too - what is the mileage on the car?

What is its service history like ?

Too - please tell me exactly what is happening when it doesn't start for you - what the engine does etc ?

Kind Rgds, MIKE.............................
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Mike,


Many thanks for your reply....I appreciate this problem is a bit like the needle in a here goes.

The car was purchased new by my Father in 1995 from a Renault Dealer. I took ownership in 1998 and the car was serviced every 6,000 miles up to 60,000 miles. There is now 120,656 miles on the clock. The battery is in good condition, and is only 3 years old.


The problem first started 4 weeks ago, up to that point all was fine. I had driven her about 5 miles to do some shopping and she wouldn’t start when I went to return home. The started motor was turning the engine over bit the engine wouldn’t fire. Tried to start her for a couple of minutes and she wouldn’t start; called the RAC for help. While waiting for the RAC, after about 10 minutes I tried to start her again, and she fired first time with only a couple of turns of the engine. When the RAC man arrived, about 10 minutes after that, the engine started first time, when he tried it. He followed me home, just in case, and when I got home he asked he to turn off the engine and start it again. The engine started first time. Because the engine was running there was nothing he could do. However, he suggested a good place to start would be to have the TDC sensor replaced. Booked the car into a local garage, not a Renault garage, and they replaced the sensor. They suggested that a scan of the engine management system would be a good idea to see if there were ant faults showing in the history. They had the car for two days and ran a scan and there was no faults fond in the history, and the engine was starting and running fine. Used the car Saturday before last and the engine started fine, however, while driving the engine cut out a couple of times, but started after a couple of attempts. Having done some shopping, the engine started first time and drove home with no problem. However, since then the engine has not started and I am not sure if keeping trying to start the engine may be doing damage to the engine.


Over to you.


Many thanks


Robin Hunter

Hello again Robin -

First my sincere apologies that I could only just get back to you on this...

Ok - before I comment / progress - can I just ask - when was the fuel filter last replaced ? Can you check on that for me and let me know ?

Also - when the problem is occurring - do you have any flashing lights on the dash at all - anything out of the ordinary -- ? And , when it happens.... have you tried locking the car with the fob - and then unlock -and try to start within 10 secs?

Too - when cranking the engine - does it turn over fine - ? or is slow / sluggish?

Can you just let me know on those things...

One other thing - please let me have its Full reg number -

Rgds, MIKE..................................
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Mike,


No problem in getting back to me. To answer your questions.

The last time the fuel filter was replaced was at 66,359 miles in June 2006, by Renault Watford. Sorry, I got the date wrong when I thought the last service was 60,000.

There are no warning lights, other than the normal lights, prior to starting the engine. And none out of the ordinary, come on when I try to start the engine.

Just gone out and tried to start the engine within 10 seconds of unlocking the car and the engine turns over, but won’t start. Although, the engine sounds, and feels, as if it wants to start.

When I try to start the engine, it turns over fine, not slow or sluggish.

Full reg is N590PPR.


Many thanks



Hi again Robin -

Thank you for your reply and extra info... I do apologise I could only just get back to you now-

That as above has really helped - to narrow things down..

Re the fuel filter Robin - at that age / mileage that its been on, that needs renewing .. I would suggest to check now , to see why its not starting, that you need to check if you have a good supply of clean fuel coming up to the engine - and then, that its being injected into the cylinders.

You need to do this methodically - so the first thing is to check the fuel supply. You can check at the fuel rail - or the "engine side" of the filter - while you should really use a fuel pressure tester- checking manually for a good full flow ( observe the usual precautions for fuel squirting / eye protection - no naked lights etc ) good enough at this point.

There should be a good full flow with the pipe off. With the pipe off - aimed into a jar... have someone switch the ign ON.. it should flown fast and clean. If its not clean or fast - take the pipe off before the filter - to determine if your problem is a clogging filter. ( If you have no fuel flow, check first if you have a fuel cut off switch fitted under the bonnet - some didnt - so check that as a suspect..

If the flow is still not good - the fuel pump is your suspect and that then should be investigated further.

If there is a good clean flow - and plenty of it / pressure... then you then need to refit your pipes - re try the starting of the engine a few times ( making sure to lock / unlock first -so that the immobilser is OFF )... then, as quickly as poss - remove the spark plugs - Check them - they should all be wet , smelling of petrol. If not - then the injectors are not working - and that then usually is indicative of a faulty fuel relay. But - at this point you need to check for spark at all the plugs too. IF you have no fuel being injected and no spark - the Tdc sensor ( even though replaced ) is suspect - so check its wiring / circuit. Renault did replace a lot of these with an upgraded type. Upgraded ones were blue - they come with a new connector to cure these faults - check if yours is the new type. If not - contact the local Renault dealer parts dept - give them the VIN of the car and ask if yours is the type that needs the new blue / upgraded type. If so - thats your top suspect.

If you have spark - it wont be that.

If you have spark, but no fuel being injected - the fuel inj relay is suspect then. Very very carefully check the wiring / earths - connections and especially the main thick wiring loom for chaffing - check / twist the loom over to check for this - its a very common fault on these...and repair as / if you find.

So thats the way to work through this one now Robin to get this sorted given what you have told me...let me know how it goes. Im always happy to help further if needed.

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -

Meantime -- Please click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now, Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Mike.


Many thanks for the advice, very much appreciated. One last question, please; where is the fuel filter located?


Mant thanks



Hi again Robin..

Thank you for your reply..

The fuel filter is on the tank - or to the side of it attached to the body - You will need to jack up the back end to find / replace it - usually you can see it just by a good look underneath - a good "general" tip is to follow the fuel lines - but its back there on the side..

I hope that helps you further - and hope it all goes good for you ..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please do click on the OK ~ Excellent service ratings for me now at this point that is how Im credited for helping you.... Thank you in advance for that..

Kind Rgds- MIKE..

..........Nb - You can get back to me anytime you might wish / need - clicking the OK ratings service does not close you out -- Thank You again...

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Mike, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
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