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I have a Renault espace rt-x and I am unable to get into it

Customer Question

I have a Renault espace rt-x and I am unable to get into it as my battery is dead and the only lock which is on the passenger door is damaged. Can you tell me hoe I can access my car please?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


If you door lock is broken - then one idea you can try is give power from outside the car - you will need either a fully charged booster pack or a set of good jump leads and a spare fully charged donor battery - First off you'll need to jack the car up at the front and use axle stands for safety - then have look first up into the engine bay from underneath and locate the large main power terminal "only" on either the alternator "rear" or the starter solenoid "rear" you then connect the red positive cable to that only - without it touching any part of the body/engine and then attach the black negative cable end to good ground on the engine or chassis frame - then leave it there for a moment - this should allow or send enough voltage to power up or at least get the central locking working to open the door to allow you to access to the bonnet catch to get the dead battery charged up or jump started as you would normally do - once the doors open then disconnect the cables from the car - that maybe one option you could try - so you'll need to be extra careful when carry out something like this to prevent the two coming into contact sparking/damaging any other circuit/ecu - so if your unsure about doing this yourself - then i would advise it be best left to a good local mobile technician/mechanic to give that a try and hopefully you should be able to get into the car...another option would maybe to carefully wedge/airbag the top door frame to get and feed along metal rod with formed hook or similar to reach the internal locks/handles to see if you can pop them open manually.. i do hope this helps