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Robert, Renault Technician
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I have a renault scenic megane. First part of registration

Customer Question

I have a renault scenic megane. First part of registration is SC03.

It has done 100023 miles

Yesterday the engine cut out and the AA suggested that it may be the timing chain/belt.

Can you estimate how much it will cost to fix?

I've been spending a lot fixing etc the car lately, how much would I expect to sell it for if I:

Fixed it?
Didn't fix it?
If I didn't fix it who could I ask to take the car off my hands (hopefully for a fee!)?

Thank you for your time. I have no idea with cars. I'm gutted because I wanted it to last a bit longer than it did. I bought it in 2011 (7 something thousand on the clock then), I do a lot of travelling backwards and forwards with work.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


What engine size does it have and fuel type ie:- petrol or diesel?


What sort of work & service history does it have?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Make Renault

Model Megane Scenic FIDJI 16V

Date of first registration 30 06 2003


Wheelplan 2-acle-rigid body


Petrol Car

Cylinder capacity 1598 CC


CO2 173 G/KM


Work and service history...


Lost the log book but kept invoices from work done at garage as follows....



Lubrication service; check break noise,

Repair center exhaust section

Noise fault; Wheel bearing kit



Break pad set x 1

Replace track rod end

New Tyre

Free off and lubricate rear brake calipers and fit new return springs

Interim service 4 - strip down front brakes - free off clean and lubricate all parts as required refit all parts using new brake pads. Fit new N/S front lower suspension ball joint and reset front wheel alignment

Suppl and fit new N/S front outer antiroll bar mounting bracket

CV Boot kit



lock mechanism


Hope this info helps.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for that info..


Ok.. If the timing belt has actually gone then its not so good news im afraid..the engine doesnt have a timing chain its a timing belt on these 1.6 petrol engines..the problem being if the belt actually breaks/snaps/or slips off for what ever reason then its pretty much going to be internal damage in regards to the the engines classed as an interference engine which means if the belts breaks then istons clash with the valves and either bend them or break them dpending on the severity of the damage you may likly have bent valves anyway..I see you say you bought the car around 70,000miles i asume..then this is pretty much around the time "mileage wise" or every 60months which ever comes first - when the timing belt should of been replaced along with all the associated pulleys that run off that belt inc the water im not sure wether you knew about that or had documention saying so it had all been done or not from the previous seller or way to know if the belt has gone if the AA hasnt already done so is to open up the oil filler cap look inside and monitor the camshaft..have somebody quickly flick the starter over and see if the cam moves - if not then the belt has gone..If the cam does move however then the fault must be elsewhere..but in regards to the cost if the belt has gone then its not going to be cheap you could be looking at a good 12hours labor cost not inc the cost of the timing belt kit along with the water pump/new gasket kit/fluids/coolant mostly and any repair needed in regards to the cylinder head "valves" unless you opt for a second hand head from the same engine via a breakers could be looking at good £200-£250 for parts anyway of course depending where the garage source the parts from as pricing can differ alot aswell as labor rates across the uk so it would be hard to be specific on price to be honest..if i was to make an estimate you could be looking at between £700-£800 roughly but again thats only an estimate - but the best thing to do knowing there will be damage if the belts gone is to phone around for the best quote via local reputable garages..If you didnt fix it and sold as it stands "spares or repair" you'd be very lucky if anyone actually gave you anymore then £500..thats mearly based on the current fault you have and the mileage..if you wanted taken out your hands then the only people who would do that are local breakers and they would just give you the scrap value to be it really a case of weighing up the options spend money to have it fixed by phoning around for the best quote :- maybe try this site if you dont have regular garage you use locally or use any repair money and what little you get for the current car to find something else..But thats really the options open im afraid..but if the timing belt has gone then there is a chance you may have internal damage..sometimes you may get away with it and just fit a new timing belt kit on aswell as runa compression test to be sure.but in most cases with these engines its quite likly you may have a few bent could of course phone around for a second visual opinion if your not sure of the AA diagnoses and see if they can check for timing belt failure as i mentioned above or check yourself even..I do hope this helps..

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.


I see you have viewed your answer recently.and just wondered if you required any further help?


If you need to follow up or ask anything else ? then you are always more than welcome too and continue on the same question should you need to ask anything else.. If your happy with the answer then please don't forget to rate the service. Much appreciated