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engine just cuts out, cam shaft sensor has been replaced (as

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engine just cuts out, cam shaft sensor has been replaced (as diagnostic test indicates) but car still does the same ?.

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Hello Gafyn and Welcome..

My name isXXXXX happy to help you .

As you have replaced the cam sensor - really what needs to be done is to have the fault codes read again - and see if that code is still there. Be sure its deleted - the car re run -and then if the fault persists - re read for codes - If its still there / comes back - then assuming there are no faults in the wiring / circuit - connector etc to that sensor, than a recurring cam sensor fault code can mean you have a slack or work timing belt - that will cause the sensor code to flag -

Bear in mind though that a very common issue that causes the cutting out you describe on this model is a fault with the crank sensor . This is a known fault that Renault brought out new upgraded type sensors to cure the fault. You dont mention the year of your Renault - but check the sensor (its located on the top of the gearbox bell housing where it abuts the engine .. New type sensors are blue - older ones are black. ( thats a general rule, though some were not issued the new type - you would have to check with your local Renault dealer parts dept - giving them the VIN of the car )

In any event again, that is a common cause of cut outs - and usually the first thing to replace to cure the fault - whether it shows on diag fault code tests or not - because it oddly, usually doesn't.

So those are the ways forward on this one now to get this cured for you ...

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -

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