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Robert, Renault Technician
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My 2005 Megane Scenic 1.9 D has developed an electrical fault.

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My 2005 Megane Scenic 1.9 D has developed an electrical fault. On starting the clock 0's , the range / fuel gauge varies and the trip meter has a mind of its own. How bad is this? I'm a little bit scared of the possibilities. Hope you can cheer me up. Many thanks.



Hopefully i can help..


Does this happen also when or after the car has been driven for a time?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Robert, no I haven't noticed it crop up while driving, but it certainly persists while driving. Also, I forgot to mention the locking system plays up too. Sometimes it says key not detected, sometimes also I can hear the locks being thrown over and over again.

Hi.there thanks for your reply.


Ok..If you have another keycard certainly try that - just to be sure the fault doesnt lay with the card itself - it always worth ruling out - as you say sometimes with keycard not detected faults its usually always down to the either card or the reader itself..the only way to determine between the two is to use the spare card and see if the problem persists..further to that it would be worth ensuring the battery terminals are properly tight and clean etc..also check the body earths from the battery and ensure those are ok,obviously with any mass electrical problems the charging system battery has to be checked aswell as any possible water igress problem at all fuse panels/control modules that cover those items above.there is a main fuse panel/multifunction control module integral of that fuse box down the area again common for these to suffer water ingress faults so certainly carefully check that or have that checked out too..and has been known to cause similar effects to what you experiance above..There is very little else you can do in this case. You can try disconnection / and re connecting the battery sort of like a hard reboot of the whole system = Take the terminals off the battery - and touch them together - The battery lead terminals - not the battery .. and hold for 30 secs or so - then re connect to the battery and retry. This is a reboot procedure - if that fails to work then next step if all else above seems to be in order will have to high end diagnostics not your usual code reader - to get deeper insight into fault..rather then spend hundreds on new control modules etc..I do hope this helps

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