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Just purchased a 2004 1.8 dynamique, all going well then a

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Just purchased a 2004 1.8 dynamique, all going well then a thump & yellow warning light. Turned off & have driven another 20 miles with , happened again but no relapse since but had it checked for fault codes & these turned up:8198 & 36522 any idea what these are?



Hopefully i can help.


Is this vehicle fitted with Automatic transmission?


What sort of scan machine was used to aquire the codes?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes automatic, no idea what scan machine i am afraid.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok.. From what you describe with the thump etc it could be looking more than likely a Transmission problem if that warning light is the gearbox warning light instead of the ordinary engine management light then thats what it'll be..sometimes alot of diagnostic machines sort of lower end scale can't really diagnose or actually retrive faults from the TCM transmisson control module and thus can often just through up codes that dont mean anything - you need to find a garage if you want to aviod the dealer that has a higher end diagnostic machine thats capable of diagnosing tranmission faults on these cars,maybe a independant specilaist.thats about the only forward on this im afraid as there is no actual info for these codes even on my database - those gearboxes are electroncally controlled hence have their own ecu - there is possibility this could be oil regulatory or pressure control solenoid/valve block problem.but without known what the tcm is seeing your basically guessing - however the routine checks have to be the wiring to that gearbox/to the tcm/valve block for any visable issues chaffing as such /plug connectors aswell as obviously what condition wise the transmission fluid is in and replaced and renew if required depending on it service history - all has to be carefully checked out..but as above i would certainly get a second scan done on that car preferably if you can find a garage locally that has higher end machine to see what it picks up.. I do hope this helps

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