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Mike, Renault Technician
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Hi Mark, we have an 06 Renault master the engine cuts out whilst

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Hi Mark, we have an 06 Renault master the engine cuts out whilst driving along, whilst still moving you can turn the key off and on again engine starts again with no problem. The cutting out can happen any time. We have taken it to two mechanics and been connected to computer but did not show any problem we then took it to an auto electrical company who found very little but think its loss off pressure at rail and advised us to go to a diesel specialist. Having read other peoples problems I am worried about this. It does not feel like a fuel problem as there is no spluttering or difficulty to restart. Please can you help? Carol
Hello and Welcome..

My name isXXXXX happy to help you - Sorry to see you have had a wait.

There is a very common issues with these models with the symptoms you describe.. and that is with a faulty whats called - crank shaft sensor..

This sensor is the one that when the engine is turning / cranking, picks up an electronic signal - and that then triggers the ignition and fuelling systems ( the same on both petrol and diesel models )..

The sensor is located on the very top of the gearbox bell housing where it abuts the engine...

Renault actually came out with upgraded sensors to replace faulty ones so I suggest strongly to purchase and fit one from a Renault dealer parts dept. Any type garage can fit this for you - its no more than a 30 min job so not expensive on labour... the sensor price ranges between 25-50£ ( circa ) depending on exact model. When you purchase another - ensure you have the vehicles VIN ( chassis no) with you.

This sensor will rarely show any fault codes or anything on diagnostics so you cant reply on that to guide you ... it is as I say,a known issue ( with many )...fitting your symptoms. Again, when it plays up it will just kill the engine as if you switched it off... and then, until it gets worse condition wise, it will allow a restart -

So thats the way to go on this one now to get this fixed for you Carole..

Do let me know if you need anything else at all -

Kind Rgds - MIKE.

..>> .Meantime..............Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me as that's how Im credited for helping you - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Rgds, MIKE.
Mike and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Mike, we have just replaced the sensor you suggested and the van cut out 5 mins down the road have taken it back to the renault garage now really worried about a big bill ! I just hope they can sort the problem. Do you have any more advice. Thanks Carol
Hello again Carol..

Im sorry to hear that that sensor has not cured the issue in your case. To be honest - with the lack of diagnostic / fault codes in your case - as with any other that does that -we would always replace that sensor as its such a common fault - it generally does cure the issue - but in any event, it has to be ruled out given its propensity for failure... Plus - its the cheapest way forward at that stage too.. So again - sadly its not helped you - but I would suggest, just in case , that the actual crank sensor circuit is checked - ie, the connection to the sensor -and the wiring loom back from it - obviously any faults there will give exactly the same issues as a faulty sensor - so that has to be ruled out / checked now for sure.

IF its not that thats causing the issue, then yes - it could be a fuel system issue - and this will have to be checked properly . Im afraid it will cost to have diagnostics done on the fuel system - ( which is why too coupled with the crank sensors known issues, its always cheaper to do that first - ) but but now it will need to have injector flow rate tests done etc to check the injectors first... a faulty injector/s can cause the Ecu ( computer ) to cut the fuel system down... so that has to be checked now. Too - the fuel filter should be checked for any signs of metal particles - meaning signs of pump failure just in case.. With yours cutting out just as you describe - ie, cutting out / switching off essentially, it did look like that sensor but given you have this now too - you will need to check through as above now / have that checked. The tests in themselves are not going to cost a lot - Keep me in touch and if I can help anymore at all, Im only too happy too..

KInd Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi mike,just to let you know our problem ended up being the fuel rail sensor also changed fuel filter £500 plus £80 for previous work. We are pleased as wondered if it would ever be fixed. The truck stop in Stoke on Trent were fantastic