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Mike, Renault Technician
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have a Renault laguna 1.9 diesel estate year 2005, the problem

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have a Renault laguna 1.9 diesel estate year 2005, the problem is on dash check handbrake come up in red and stop light also abs light as come on and speedo as stopped working.
hand brake works fine and cant drive against it but I thought it was ment to release if you for got to take it off.
also have changed and put new abs sensors in front wheels and cleaned all areas still no speedo. can you help as this is getting costly now handbrake is button on dash, and when you put handbrake on you can hear motor working, rear brake pads are fine.

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Hello and Welcome..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help you ...

With this issue - it often is a sensor issue - or chaffed / damaged wiring to the sensor - as the speedo gets its signal from there but - if that is all ruled out- then the fault is usually in with the Abs control side of things - the Abs pump unit...

Really you need to have at least a fault code read done. As the light is on and you have the problems you have, there will be fault codes logged in the modules memory that will tell you the answer to this - where to be looking - and that will save you a lot of time - and money... thats the way forward on this now.

That will also fault code read any issues with the handbrake -though it could well be all linked but its hard to say without the diagnostic results / code read as above. You can get back to me with the fault codes if you need / wish - though the machine will actually tell you the code - and the reason for it on the screen.

Live data testing can also be used to see if you are getting an actual signal from the sensors... if not - you know you have either an air gap problem - between the sensor and pick up ring.. a pick up ring fault.. or, a wiring fault in the circuit. Again - the fault code will ID which circuit - so its all pretty good and straightforward. -Saves an immense amount of time.

For now re the handbrake - until you get the diagnostics done to tell you where the issue is - this one does have an emergency release system, I dont know if you know that as you haven't mentioned using it- so I will give you the info on that in case it helps at least until you get it diagnosed -

The following is for the handbrake emergency release:

  • The emergency release handle is located in the centre console storage compartment under trim panel.
  • To release the EPB:
      • Ensure manual transmission in 1st gear.
      • Ensure automatic transmission in 'P'.
      • Chock rear wheels.
      • Firmly pull emergency release handle until EPB is deactivated.


  • The EPB actuator will automatically be reset when the EPB switch is next operated.

Let me know if you need anything else -

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You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi mike thank you so much for info will get it on diagnostic , if it comes up with ABS pump can I fit this, what I mean if I put another one in do I have to get Renault to programme it.


Hi again -

Thank you for your reply ..

If it should come up with that - no I don't believe they need coding (though I could double check for you if needed ).. but --- should that be the case / it comes back with that as the fault, you really would be far better / cheaper to send your one of to a specialist for test / subsequent repair. These do fail commonly and they are a relatively cheap repair from firms that do these.. ( I don't know where you are exactly but you can find them in your locale on a google search, or I can help you further with that if you need, just ask me )

-- I hope that the above helps you further..

.. Please can I ask you to click on the "OK ratings" for me this point -- Thank You very much...

All the very best -- MIKE.
Mike, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
Mike and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Morning Mike at long last I got my car in and put on diagnostic it would not let get in to the ABS but would any where else, did diagnostic on hand brake and this is what it said, CODE001 DF052 MULTIPEXED NETWORK,PROBLEM WITH PARKING BRAKE COMPUTER RECEIVING MULTIPLEX FRAMES:THE COMPUTER DOSE NOT RECEIVE ANY MULTIPLEX SIGNAL OR 2 COMPUTER DO NOT ENTER IN TO DIALOGUE WITH THE PARKING BRAKE. do you think this is the abs pump as first abs light came on then speedo stopped working then handbrake warning light, have changed both front speed sensor now. if it is pump and I got another one dose this have to be reprogramed but Renault , look forward to your reply.

Hello again...

Ok well - the DF052 on a Renault diesel is identified generally as a fault with the injector circuit - namely no.1 injector circuit.
The Df001 is for a fault with engine coolant temp circuit.

Now- it is possible that is fact you have a wiring issue - caused by a fault in the loom or earth / grouning faults - that can cause and throw up all manner of "odd" codes - with resultant odd symptoms too.. and, it has to be said that on these Renaults, this sort of issue is not uncommon so do bear that in mind.

Another very important point though is, to be 100 % sure you are using proper compatable Renault not just hardware but software too when it comes to the diagnostics... many times, odd , erratic fault codes are produced by the use of incorrect equipment / software. Given that your codes are coming back engine related - I wonder if tests have been done on the Engine management ecu - instead of the braking computers etc... I would suggest to have that checked given what you have come up with before going any further with this to be honest..

If you are struggling in this regard, I would suggest to have a Renault dealer at least run the diagnostics - then you know the results of the tests will be accurate - then go from there with those results, knowing then that you are on the right track..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi where its me and I am back, I have plugged in to car now and it would not let me in to abs system but it let me in to the hand brake side off it.

this is what it came up with

DF037 no abs/esp mutilplex single-intermittent - bus fault

DF052 mutilplex network - permanent - bus fault

DF 055 low battery voltage - intermittent - low battery voltage

also done diagnostic on dash board no faults so that is ok.

also done diagnostic on obd side came up with

DF091 vehicle speed signal - bus fault - intermittent

DF brake switch circuit - status - intermittent

do you think this is the abs pump gone and not talking to other parts

look forward to reply