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Robert, Renault Technician
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Hi, I have a Renault 19 1992 saloon ( L 53_). Within the past

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I have a Renault 19 1992 saloon ( L 53_). Within the past 6 months, the clutch cable broke on 3 occasions. Could someone suggest a remedy.



Hopefully i can help..


Where exactly does the cable snap or which end?


How does the clutch feel when a new cable is installed? ie:- heavy / light etc..



Customer: replied 3 years ago.



the cable snaps at the pedal end about 10 inches from the cable end.

A new clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing kit was replaced and have run about 13,000 km since replacement.

Upon cable replacement, the clutch was not too stiff but with about 500 km the cable got a little stiff. Clutch engagement is at the bottom end of the pedal travel. The pedal ratchet quadrant is functioning.




Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..Im asuming you are fitting on good quaility cables and is the correct length for the car..sometimes aftermarket ones can be like that too short or too certainly make sure that isnt the case with yours..especially if still have the old original one to compare..if your buying cheap cables then try changing supplier or buy a better quaility cable set up...cables will generally only snap if there is far too much strain on it or its having to work harder to release the clutch..i see you have had the clutch done as you would expect a problem like to be related to the pressure plate at fault - but have or did they ensure the release arm was free/the release bearing was able to move freely on the guide tube and greased aswell as lightly grease the shaft splines - if not then the release side down at the gearbox could be binding slightly that can often cause stress on the cable,something to bear in mind...also too are you routing the cable correctly as funny as they may sound..if the cable isnt seated or position properly as per routed ie:- through and seated to in at the firewall and then into the footwell to the clutch pedal as well as down at the gearbox and the release arm.again can often cause situations like that on certain points on the cable..if its always at the same point on the cable then that'll be area to investigate as per the cable seating...Also another thing to check out for is too ensure your engine isnt earthing via the cable!..this can often happen if you have bad earth/main earth or broken strap and can use the cable instead which in turn becomes hot and then eventually overtime snaps prematurely..I do hope this helps

Robert and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



thank you for the reply and suggestions.

I will try out these suggestions. Hope I would be able to resolve the issue.


Thanks once again.



Hi..there ..thats no problem..glad to help....if you need to ask anything else then just continue after this post..even once you've rated as above answer - doesnt lock the question can still come back...